Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Bigger Than Real Life

Today the mountains appear larger than they really are. There is something in the air that acts as a magnifying glass which makes them look closer and taller than they are. It even lifts the mountains beyond the mountains that we normally see everyday to loom taller than those in the foreground.

This reminds me of how our troubles jump out larger than they are a lot of times. The saying "making mountains out of molehills" comes to my mind as I gaze out on this beautiful world this morning.

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Constance said...

Pretty scenery, it must do your heart glad to look out on such beauty! I haven't made my usual blog visits since my Mom got sick and died and then Dave had his cancer surgery last June. I've been in a season of redefining who I am, dealing with grief and overcoming fear. I feel like I'm turning a corner finally and hope to visit regularly from now on!
Love, Connie