Wednesday, December 28, 2011

"cabin fever"

It's been a learning experience for me looking out for Mom. She could not live out her days alone because of her weakness and disorientation. There were the little things she did or didn't do that made it hard to let her be alone at her house. Then she had a stroke.

This morning I read an email from her caregiver. She needs the Medicaid medical/insurance paperwork done and approved to allow her transportation from assisted living to the senior center because she is experiencing "cabin fever."

Made me smile because she never seemed to allow such feelings to overwhelm her and expected the same from us girls. No "cabin fever", no sadness on dark, gloomy days but we should "overcome evil with good."

Now she cries at a drop of a hat.

I hope your transportation is approved soon Mom!


Steve Finnell said...

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e-Mom said...

So good to catch up a little with you, Connie Marie. Thanks for stopping by at Chrysalis.

Occasionally, we suffer cabin fever, even in "warm land," especially after the high energy excitement of the holidays.

It sounds like your Mom is in good hands. I hope she get the outings she needs--and you too!

Hugs, e-Mom ღ