Monday, November 14, 2011

Psalm 98

This psalm opened my eyes to rejoicing about the future of all peoples when God will rule completely, and totally just!

Having come through dealing with the "justice" in divorce court I realized the very inadequate system that everyone encounters when thrown into dealing with lawyers and judges. I learned that you will get just as much justice as you can pay for and nothing more.

It will be a grand day that even creation will rejoice over when the evil one is cast out of our lives and our world functions as it was created to - in full communion with God Who created us! I am looking forward to that!!


Faith said...

Amen....I don't know if you or someone close to you is experiencing divorce, but i do know that a couple of people I know have often felt the judges were unfair in their own glad we have heaven to look forward to!!

Connie Marie said...
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