Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Oh It's Blogging Time Again

Lately my husband Doug and I have been listening to two speakers in the mornings that have been beneficial to us spiritually, Chip Ingram and Alistair Begg. Today Alistair's message was on the young man that Jesus raised from the dead when He had compassion on his Momma.

Made me think about my Mom and my youngest brother that passed away almost a year ago (July 28, 2010). My youngest brother with the alcohol addiction. My young brother that cried many times saying he has tried to quit drinking, and he'd call and ask me or Doug to please pray with him. So many times it seemed he was on the path to completely putting that behind him but always ended up back into it. He died drunk.

This morning I cried for him, my youngest brother. I cried because I've always been told there will be no drunkards in heaven, in God's new creation. There won't be that awful addiction... to alcohol or to anything we struggle with on earth. No addiction to alcohol, to nicotine, to food, to anger, to sexual perversion. All these are tools of the evil one and he won't be in God's new creation! I am thankful for the day that is coming we won't have to watch ourselves and our loved ones with this struggle.

Life here on earth now is so much better without alcohol addiction, I pray that if you struggle with this problem or any other addiction problem you will be able to seek help to avoid it, and then to fill the emptiness with something else of much more value. I believe we can relearn to walk in paths that help us avoid addictions. The ultimate path is determining to know God. He is a faithful and compassionate friend.

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Faith said...

Amen, Connie Marie!! Although I don't struggle with alcohol addictions I do tend to have a shopping addiction from time to time..I've learned control in that area but it is solely through the grace of God!! and i've seen my uncle struggle with alchohol....this was a great post...thank you for sharing...glad to see you back on here!!