Monday, June 07, 2010

Wild Roses

The wild roses in Alaska are in full bloom. They smell wonderful but I have bittersweet feelings when I look at them. I have been told that they mark the middle of our warm season. That is just too sad, isn't it?

The trip South was fast and fun! I loved every mile we went along from Phoenix to the Outer Banks, to Florida, then back along the coast that is now under the stress of the oil spew. I call it the oil spew rather than a spill for it is spewing, isn't it?

Besides the wonderful trip we enjoyed I am not now enjoying my husband at home much more. He has retired from the job that he worked at for so many years. I believe he said 29 years. It feels like a long weekend going on here since June 2. I love it.

Doug is not one to be idle, although every chance I get I will take a picture of him asleep! I don't see him getting "bored" any time soon. He says he just has too much to do around here and when he is done with that.. he can go up to Clear (we have land up there) and work on stuff there, not to mention work our children would like him to help with!

My sister Millie continues to recover.