Thursday, February 11, 2010

Travel Plan!

Doug and I are planning a trip south! I am excited because we will be doing what I've wanted to do for so many years - see more of the United States of America! Along the way we hope to see Doug's brothers and his parents and probably some others on the east coast too.

I am excited about it. We plan to fly into Arizona, then rent a vehicle and travel east! Hopefully we will have some fantastic weather by then and enjoy an early spring south side and then come back home to spring up here too! Double blessing that makes my heart so happy!

Winter has actually gone by so fast and can you believe it! It's February! It's just amazing how fast time seems to be going. I am amazed everyday when I realized that it's not yesterday... it's today, the day after yesterday and already!!!! haha

Have a great day, it's today!


Faith said...

wow...will you be heading to the East Coast as in NYS???
also, my blog is closing to the gonna go private for a little while to get rid of the annoying anoymous reader who keeps refusing to follow my rules about comments. sadly, it is someone from my fb list i me your email if you wanna keep reading my blog Gold in the CLouds...thanks!
when do you leave??

Constance said...

Not to mention a possible pit stop in Dallas where we get to hopefully meet!
Love Connie

Jettie said...

OOHH how fun!! your not detouring to Minnesota at all are you???