Wednesday, February 03, 2010


Sharing a little stuff with anyone that may stop by while I am thinking about it, and mostly after being nudged by e-Mom at Facebook.

It seems that Facebook'n has become a big thing to a lot of people, because Facebook not only is part of my every day anymore - (I am guessing) it is a big part of a lot of peoples every day; even Apps on my iPhone connect directly to Facebook, which makes it makes it fun because it's so easy to share pictures and what we are all doing directly from our phones! Crazy huh?

We have been loving our newest granddaughter Reese. What a sweetheart she is! They grow up way to fast and before too long they don't want to sit on Gramma's lap but are off finding things more interesting than my talented fingertips tapping on the table. (Fascinating to Reese right now, ha.) Reese is already four FIVE months! We've had other of our grandchildren's celebrating their birthdays, time just keeps marching on... too fast!

Here is my wallpaper picture from Klinton (Reese's Daddy). She plays in a jumper ALREADY! Doesn't this picture just make you smile? I love it!


e-Mom said...

She's a doll! Welcome Reese!

And I'm shocked to find this blog post from you... LOL. (But so glady I checked.)

See you over at FB. (((Hugs)))

mrsjojo said...

I had forgotten that Reese was born a month before Teslin! Yes, they grow up so fast, and it is fascinating to see the simple things that keep their interest. She is a cutie. Good to see you here on the blog!