Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Cradle

It's getting close to Calli's due date and she's ready for baby to be coming along anytime soon! We stopped at the Yamaha shop today on the 4-wheeler ride home to look at the Rhino's (dream). The owner mentioned that her birthday could possibly be in September since her due date is so close to the end of the month (28th). I never thought of that! I'm always thinking her baby will be early or right on time. If Reese Ann waits for September that will add to our already fully loaded month of birthdays in our family! What ever day she comes it will forever become a special day in our family!

Doug built this cradle and I think it turned out so beautiful. He knows where the flaws are and thinks he can do a better job --- next time! We all think it's great already!

Good job Doug! I love it and so does Klint and Calli!


Constance said...

What a beautiful heirloom! Your family has a legacy in more ways than one!

e-Mom said...

That's an amazing design. Did Doug come up with that? Wow, it's juts beautiful. :~D

Constance said...

I suddenly remembered this! My MIL gave me this set of collector plates and this one is one of them!

Faith said...

It is GORGEOUS!!!!!!
you must be getting so excited for this birth!!

Connie Marie said...

Faith, Any day now, so yes we are getting anxious. We went to breakfast with Klint and Calli the other morning and she kept going to the bathroom and I finally asked Doug - is she okay? lol Yes, she just has a cold and had to get some tissue.

e-Mom, we found the pattern online and ordered it. Doug says he would make some changes to it if he makes it again, so then it would sort of be his own design!

Connie, wow that is a cool plate! Would be perfect for Doug if he was into stuff like that, but he isn't. I am though!!!! ha

e-Mom said...

Thanks for your answer. Doug should enter photos into some sort of competition. I bet he'd win. It's so unique and beautiful. :~D