Friday, July 17, 2009


Pictures are from around the place.

Everything is going well here. We've been having some beautiful, sunny days here and we all are pretty tanned! My sons and husband have been doing a lot of excavating too so it's been fun watching the changes around here. Yard work included a brick wall and planting some perennials, peonies, that we hope will take and come back again next year. We plan to also put some wild iris out there too. The grand kids have been coming up to enjoy the lake and my granddaughters spend nights with us which is always fun but no time for the Internet either! We've been four-wheeling, and doing some camping trips away from home too.

Our newest granddaughter has a name! Reese Ann, she's gonna be our Lil Buttercup! Getting excited to see her. She is scheduled to arrive around August 28th! I've been knitting for her. Made a newborn hat and some booties. Isn't her Momma beautiful?

I hope everyone else is well. I try to get by the blogs but have not been doing that very well either! I think of you and when I do I say a prayer that God reveals Himself in a new way to you.

If I had my journal up here by my computer I would share some of the many thoughts I've written down all summer while I read my Bible, but... it's way downstairs. Next time!

Praises and honor to Abba Father always.


mrsjojo said...

I agree with you, summer is so short and so it is hard to find the time for the internet. So we really have a GOOD excuse! :) Your plants look so lovely!! I just love the "Buttercup" title for your soon to arrive grand daughter!!!!
I'm doing a Bible study this summer entitled, Me, Myself, and Lies. OOOOPS, it has cause me to do some soul searching. I have really enjoyed it. It is a short 6 week study.
Enjoy the rest of the summer.

e-Mom said...

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy... especially that family of yours. Can hardly wait for the news of your new grand. (((Hugs)))

Constance said...

I always rejoice when I hear that my friends lives are blessed! Enjoy the grandchildren plenty of time for the internet when Winter clamps it's cold clammy, dark hand over the land! For now, get out and soak up those rays!
Hugs BBF!

Faith said...

beautiful pics and I can't wait to hear what the Lord is showing you thru your time and journaling.

COngrats early on your new granddaughter!!!