Thursday, June 25, 2009

Snow in June

Picture of my family in Aleknagik, along with our grandchildren Lexie and Ashlee. (We were there in May.)

Woke up to snow on the mountain tops this week. A friend of mine that used to live in Alaska mentioned termination dust! Oh my word NO! This morning I went outdoors and I have to admit that the air felt fall-ish. The sun was shining on my back but the air had a definite feel of fall in it.

I don't look forward to summer dwindling, but we live in Alaska and I must accept it. Makes me think of merino wool and how much I love merino wool! It is wool, warm like wool, but it's not itchy! I love that stuff! I think it's a good idea for people that live in the cooler areas to invest in good wool clothing, especially with the cost of fuel so ridiculous. People used to survive without oil-even in Alaska!

Mom is visiting my sister Rebecca in Pedro Bay, she asked about knitting patterns, so I did a search and found something online and while I was looking I got the feeling like I should knit again. Oh my word, it passed by the time I printed out some patterns. ha

Does anyone have a good pattern for arctic socks? She would like a pattern for those.

Hope you all are having a great summer... at least warm! I heard from a friend it was 104 F in Texas!!! Now that is extreme! yikes


e-Mom said...

You're the second blogger I've run across recently to talk about knitting. Summer hasn't even begun for us... :~D


Snow on the mountain, sounds too good to be

Love your Grandchildren. How blessed you are.

Oh, yes, my friend it has been 104% in Texas and oh so humid. I can't wait for this high to move from over us. We really need rain. It is getting very dry. The heat bring to mind that we are in hurricane season and more than likely there will be something tropical in our very near future. I sure hope not but God knows best what is needed. Have a great weekend, my friend in Alaska. connie

Jettie said...

Hello there!! I love far i can do scarfs...hehehe!! And snow...goodness gracious!! We have had rain rain rain!!

mrsjojo said...

I saw that snow on the mt tops the other day-YIKES!! I got a little nervous but by afternoon it had all disappeared!
Looks like your granddaughters had a wonderful time in Alaknagik.
Did you get to see Gloria while you were there?
I'm in the middle of knitting the second wool sock for Jim. I really enjoy knitting. I got the pattern from the web. I'll have to send the address e-mailed to you.

Constance said...

YUP! We've had that extreme heat here but it only got up into the 90's yesterday, a cool front blew in. No I am not joking! In Palm Springs where Dave is it is supposed to hit 115 degrees. I crochet but our church is starting a prayer shawl ministry, and offering to teach knitting. I am interested but don't really think I have the time to invest into it. I can't fit in all of my scrapbooking and i still have an afghan I need to finish for Charlie that I began 2 years ago! I know we just started summer but I am eager for Fall, it's my favorite time of the year!

Faith said...

we're having a cooler summer than usual but I sure don't mind. Today's high is supposed to be 75...i think that is PERFECT!!
Will try to connect with you on FB again..for some reason you disappeared from my friends list!

e-Mom said...

Hey girl... what's up? Missing YOU! (((Hugs)))