Friday, May 01, 2009

Diggin' Up Bones

My little dog Chewy is a funny little character. I love his company. Shihtzu's are the greatest little indoor dogs. No shedding and they love people, they especially love little people! I have to watch him for he loves to give wet, juicy, kissy, licks to little messy faces! Sometimes Mommy's don't appreciate that. Chewy and I both know that babies love it though!

Chewy listens to noises and when he hears something he may get all excited and anxious or he may growl and gruff because he can't see and does not know what the noises are. This morning he was sitting with me here beside the computer. I have the window open (ahhhhh). He heard tires and assumed it was somebody we both would like to see so he wags his tail and whines and stands looking up at the window. Sometimes on long dark winter days he will sit on the ottoman and stare at the shadowy windows, and grrr.

I've thought to myself - he does just like I do. Sometimes when I only hear bits and pieces of stories my mind fills in the missing parts with maybes and perhaps and whys. Many times I will be diggin' up ol' bones from the past and tucking them into the story too. The reasons for the maybes, perhaps, and whys. Sometimes (!!!!) I will assume that my digging is probably right! I can hear my sister saying, "Heeeeeee!"

My dogs have been diggin' up ol' bones too! I have a big ol' ugly one on the lawn today! This morning they were too quiet and quiet = mischief. They've been encouraging each other to go out of the yard these warm spring days to dig up some fabulous stinky treasures and drag them home.

This morning when I checked on them - sure enough they were gone. I called and called. The first to get back all out of breath was Moto. "OH whew!" I thought, "the dog pound guy didn't catch them!" Trailing along behind was our ol' Chevy dog. I scolded them and told them not to run off. Now they are both clipped up and dreaming of finding more big bones - I know they are because their feet are still running.

Ol' bones should only be treasured by dogs who love stinky things. They attract flies, stink up the air and then we have to find a place to bury them where they won't be dug up again! Just like memories of family and friends there are lots of words said in anger, jealousy, pride... words that just keep being dug up like ol' stinky bones.

I thank God for forgiveness! He not only forgives - He gives us His righteousness, and covers up all those stinky ol' bones with His blood! He replaces my ugliness with love, mercy, long suffering... all His characteristics.

I must resist the urges to dig up those ol' bones. With His power I can. I don't want to keep diggin' them up and draggin' them back home! yuck

I wish my dogs felt the same way!

"since you have put off the old man with his deeds, and have put on the new man who is renewed in knowledge according to the image of Him who created him," Colossians 3: 9,10. (The Recipe for Happiness: Colossians 3:5-17.)


e-Mom said...

Love your Chewy dog!

"Digging up old bones"... what a great analogy. It's best to leave the past alone, isn't it?

I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus (Phil 3:14)

Faith said...

Great post. I love your analogy...and is so much healthier for us spiritually and mentally to leave the past in the past and when it rears its ugly head to give it all back to Jesus! God bless you COnnie Marie

Jettie said...

such a cute doggie!!
I know it is best to leave things buried...but sometimes part of me would like to know some whys. And than i think it would just probaably lead to moe questions...right?

pss...nope me didn't make the bunny!! so not that talented!!

Constance said...

It's SO much easier (or so it seems) to stay stirred up and angry. This past week in my Beth Moore Bible Study on Esther she said something that really struck a nerve.

When you nurse a grudge against someone and hang on to it, it keeps you tied to that person! You're not free.

Isn't it wonderful that God has such an abundant life for us? One without anger, unforgiveness, hang ups and so on. He provided us with freedom and we sit in the dirt and muck, content in our shackles!


TJ said...

I just love his face in that photo! So cute.

God is amazing to us with his forgiveness, and it's so hard for us to let go of things we don't need in our lives.

Constance said...

Happy Mother's day and Gramma loo day to you today!
Hugs BBF!