Monday, April 13, 2009

My Strength My Redeemer

Today this verse has been busy in my mind.

Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in thy sight, O Lord, my Strength and my Redeemer. Everything I say today, may it be filtered by that standard. For it's not my thoughts or my words that bring everlasting life, but it is those words sent from our God and our Lord that dig deep into the depths of our hearts and whisper, "This is the Truth" when it is read.

The singing at church yesterday was a blessing to me. I love the music filled with the truth of Christ's Resurrection. The triumph of Christ over death and sin's at Calvary is such a satisfying and relieving truth! The bright hope on Easter morning when I woke up with the everlasting truth beating in my heart - KRIS TOS WOS KRIS! WIES DE NOS KRIS! (written and pronounced as I remembered from childhood) Christ is risen! He is risen indeed!

We should search for wisdom diligently and with hope! Just like my grandchildren did yesterday searching for eggs! They knew there were prizes and they scrambled for the hidden eggs. Some of the eggs I had numbered to match a small prize which they "fish for" after they found the eggs. What a happy time as I sat hidden behind the doorway tying on the matching prizes to the numbered eggs! They were tickled for every little gift! We had so much fun.

My daughters brought over so many goodies to share with the lamb and beef roasts I had in the oven to celebrate new spiritual life. After the fishing fun we all prayed and thanked God for the gift of His Son, willing to die to pay the price for our sin. All we have to do is choose to believe that this is the Truth, and repent for all that separates us from God, and that LIFE begins. Incredible!

To top off this beautiful day we watched our oldest grandson Tucker get asked two seriously important questions. "Tucker do you believe Jesus Christ is God's Son, that He came as a baby, He died, He rose again and He is sitting at the right side of our Father in Heaven, and that He is alive today?" Tucker said, "Yes." "Tucker, is Jesus Christ your Lord and your Savior?" Tucker said, "Yes." Tears came as we watched him submerged into the baptismal and come up completely wet.

The Truth goes on...and I am incredibly thankful.

With Christ beside me I am ready for death, are you?

But because I tell the truth, you do not believe Me." Jesus (John 8:45)


e-Mom said...

Hooray for Tucker! What a beautiful memory that will be. PTL!

It sounds like you had a blessed Easter, Connie Marie. He is risen. He is risen indeed. :~D

Faith said...

THis was a blessing to read this a.m.!


Oh, what Joy!! tears are running down for the joy of hearing your Grandson has put his trust in the Lord to be his Saviour and was being baptized. I can remeber each of mine that I have seen be baptized after they were saved and my children. What a wonderful blessing. You had a great day!!!! love you, connie from Texas

Constance said...

THAT is so precious! When you see the Truth lived out in your children's lives it makes you know you got it right. When you see them doing that in THEIR kids lives, there are no words.

I remember recently while visiting my oldest daughter in Missouri for the grand girlies birthdays sitting on the bed in the guest room. Jennifer put on a recent HILLSONG Cd and Aly started singing along. Soon all 3 of us were and I was struck with the notion of how there were 3 generations of women singing praises to the lamb. It doesn't get any better than this!

Hugs BBF and BFBF,

Proud mommy of four said...

Thank you for that blog entry. I am so inspired . It was perfect timing for me to see this very thing!
Thank you and God bless

mrsjojo said...

What a wonderful family story to share. God bless you all!!

DeLong House said...

Lol, you made me blubber again! I put some pictures of Tucker's baptism on my blog..finally. You know he has been witnessing to a little girl in his swimming class? She said her family doesn't believe that there is a God. I just love hearing him tell me what he says to her and many times he is remembering verses he has memorized in Awana. Love it!