Thursday, April 09, 2009


I've been busy... elsewhere!

Do you Facebook? I would like to be in contact with those that come here regularly. I put a badge up in case you would like to add me to your friends list.

So how is everyone? I need to make the rounds here at the blogging world to catch up with you.

The volcano Mt. Redoubt and earthquakes have been part of our lives up here recently. Nothing like an earthquake to get your mind focused where it should have been the whole time, hah? Gets me every time! I always remember this guy that used to come and sing up here at our church - Dan Whittemore during a quake. He said something like earthquakes are just our God shaking things up a bit to remind us to always be ready because He will be returning soon! I never forgot that advice. When I am experiencing a quake, big or small, I always remember that. Thanks Dan, where ever in the world you are. Okay, I found a website for him. Cool! (d a n wh it t emo re . com) (4/13/09 - Removed hyperlink to get rid of pop-up???)

And here is the song he was introducing, he wrote it too. :

Trumpet Song

Lately when there's no one around,
it seems I hear this strange little sound,
it sounds like a distance trumpet softly blowing.
And everytime that trumpet blows,
my heart jumps for joy,
because the louder it gets
the closer I am to going home

At first it really obsurd,
until I started reading the Word,
and the message that it spoke it spoke so clearly.
Now everytime that trumpet blows,
my heart jumps for joy,
because the louder it gets the closer
I am to going home

Going home to see my savior,
going home to claim my crown,
oh when the trump of God starts calling
you know I won't be standing 'round.
So trumpets keep on blowin'
while my heart jumps for joy,
because the louder it gets the closer
I am to going home....

All the news just is kind of unnerving and then the earth shakes and the volcano erupts and settles ash all around, makes me think ever so much more that we may be meeting our Savior face to face in the near future. That is so exciting!

My sister Millie had a bout with a urinary tract infection that put her into intensive care this past week. She is on antibiotics and recovering. Her daughter said that she was more responsive in her new surroundings while in the emergency room and then in the Intensive Care Unit. She should be close to being ready to return to the Providence Extended Care Hospital.

UPDATE: I tried to alter the Dan Whittemore url link to see if I can get rid of the sparrows songs pop up. I have no idea how they are linking to this site with that. That's a bit agressive isn't it?


Proud mommy of four said...

I hope that you are doing well. YES I am on Fcaebook. I am sending two links hoping one will get you through. You may have to send me a invite once on Facebook as my settings are on private.


God bless and have a wonderful Easter filled with the Lord's blessings

Faith said...

I'm on FB as well and have been for several months due to my teen wanting one. My settings are private so I'll look for you!


Dear Connie Marie, If I am still here when that trumpet blows, I will meet you in the air. Yea!!!

Hope you had a really great day, yesterday with your family. We did!!

I love the song! Thanks for sharing it. Have a good day. connie from Texas


Oh yes, I meant to tell you that I hope Millie is much better very soon. connie

Connie Marie said...

This post for some reason brings up a sign in page for another site. I am thinking it has something to do with the link to Dan Whittemore's site. I believe he uses them for recording his music. Just click on Cancel and it goes away.

Sorry for the bother everyone!

Connie Marie said...

PS if you click on my FB badge it should give you an option of adding as friend, and we can connect from that point.

nancy said...

Hi Connie Marie! I was so glad to hear from you on my blog. My boycott is as complete as it can be. Like you said, it's hard to find everything you need.
That land sure has been active up there! We watch th AVO site and the USGS Earthquake reports every day anyway (Old habits die hard) and we have family and friends in Homer who have been right in the thick of it. I like the idea about God shaking things up. Only He can control any of this stuff, anyway!