Wednesday, April 01, 2009

April Fool'd!

This day is always fun! As long as we don't take anything seriously it usually can be a day filled with laughter. I don't usually fall for the lies that can be freely told on April 1st, but I've been able to fool others pretty good a time or two! Not quite sure what that says about me either!

This audio was from 2006. A recording taken early in the morning BEFORE I've even had time to think! I'm always sure to remind everyone that I was not in my normally fully aware state of mind. The phone had been ringing repeatedly when I finally woke up and staggered over to answer it (it's not beside my bed!!!!). Because it took about five rings to even rouse me it had gone to the answer machine by the time I picked it up. So that is why we even have this recording! It was funny so I snagged the recording off of the phone recorder with my computer recorder. haha

Anyway! Go a head ---- have a laugh on me!

I had another fun, fun day! This is one of my favorite days - especially if I can fool someone!



That was funny. I am sorry you got caught. Did you get a notice on Face book that you were kin to Obama. A lot of people that I know got it. I didn't expect that from them. so I almost fail for it. I knew that I wasn't kin to him but I had to go

I am glad that you had such a good happy day. connie

Constance said...

That was fun! What a great way to start the day! The family that laughs together is a happy one!

The other day Dave said,
"Would you please make me a salad?"
I said,
"POOF! You're a salad!!"

He just started laughing and grinning. I rarely get one over on him!

Jettie said...

ooh for funny!! But the sound in your voice you were so worried!!

Marie VW said...

haha. Kimmie. I wonder how far she could have taken it. Maybe she could have got you to actually get in the car and drive somewhere too. I still can't believe we drove all the way over to that mall to see the elephants and other circus animals.