Monday, March 23, 2009

Thar She Blows!

Mt. Redoubt on March 15, 2009.

Mt. Redoubt has vented. Here in Big Lake I have not noticed any ash fall, so that is good. Skwentna has some fallout I've heard. Not sure who, where if any else are being affected by Mt. Redoubt's eruptions last night and early this morning. Keep track of any other activity here. NOAA

If you get ash on your vehicles you have to clean it off or else the acidic ash may wreck the finish. So the guys in my family are very interested to keep track of which way the fallout is heading. I am watching. Doug has a truck out there (covered with a protecting layer of snow); my car is safe and snug in the garage; Klint, Kris and Marie keep their vehicles outdoors too.

I was in Togiak with the Alaska Freedom Band two Sunday's ago. I went to high school with others from Togiak so it was fun to see this village/town way out in West Alaska. Boy was it COLD! "The day before you got here was so warm we were out smelt fishing without our coats on." I had a hard time believing that! The wind was blowing and I felt like if I stopped moving for very long I would freeze solid where I stopped! We had some great times of worship and sharing. Thanks to Paul and Laura Frost for their hospitality!

Anyway, I took some pictures of Mt. Redoubt as we flew past on our return from Togiak. She was only steaming (March 15). Last night she finally blew off some pressure! Just like we all do sometimes huh?

Out comes the pent-up frustrations and everyone in the area knows it too. After that rumbling and venting we have to take a look-see around to see where the 'ash is falling' and THEN the hard part --- gotta try to clean up the mess before it hurts any deeper!

I've been physically tired and emotionally worn. I sit down and fall asleep and sleep really hard! I've never done that since I was pregnant! I've thought maybe it's because I am old. ha But no, I've had a full plate lately - learning to get along with a new person living in our home has been a challenge for me -- for us all.

There are many aspects of that challenge, not only the daily change of having my Mom in my house day and night. We also have to deal with my siblings that chose not in years past to be part of my family or my life but now because Mom is here I hear from them. Certain ones more than others - strong opinions of Mom's care; the things that have gone on with with Mom that are wrong - helping her to see it as wrong; the fact that my relationship with my children is being adversely affected by the troubles Mom has is very hard on me. I'm learning that dealing with a troubled elderly parent coming into ones home will affect every aspect of life! I consider it all invasive! I didn't expect this ever in all my life!

Dealing with Mom's physical problems is much easier than dealing with family/sibling issues. My family (my own siblings) issues can be like the acidic ash that is falling out there. Words that are spewed into our hearts are not so easy to clean up. So we hurt and we struggle.

But Christ...

is faithful!

I am learning to put my burden back on Him for He cares.... again! And again! And again!

Doug shared with me that one his drive home on Friday he listened to Alistair Begg speaking about the unexpected cross that Simeon was called on to carry for our Savior as He was being led to Calvary. (Do Not Weep For Me, Part A) Luke 23:26-31. Simon had been making his way to Jerusalem to worship God at the Temple and he was chosen from the crowd to carry this cross for Christ. It was unexpected, it was hard, it was heavy. I would imagine that Christ's cross was covered with His blood, and I would imagine that Simon was cleaned-up and ready for visiting the Temple. So unexpected. So it is for some of us in this world. We are called on to carry a cross sometimes, like Simon did, unexpectedly.

What cross have you been struggling with? Even though it may have been unexpected, hard, messy and heavy you can determine to carry it in such a way that it will bring praise to Jesus Christ. Listen to the sermon by Alistair Begg, it will encourage your heart like it did mine.

"Now as they led Him away, they laid hold of a certain man, Simon a Cyrenian, who was coming from the country, and on him they laid the cross that he might bear it after Jesus."


mrsjojo said...

God is sooo good. He has made such a fabulous creation and Mt Redoubt is part of it!! I'm don't like the ash that is part of the erupting process. We can all learn from God's creation.
I've been thinking of you and praying for you. Thanks for sharing the challenges that you have been facing. May God give you what it takes to deal with all the different aspects of them. ((HUGS))
I'm going to check out Laura and Paul's site. I'm sure you all were such a blessing to them and the community.

Constance said...

I have to say it was wonderful to hear from you since I was beginning to wonder about you. I figured you and Doug were busy, I didn't realize the life changes/challenges that you were dealing with. I am going to come back and listen to that message. It sounds like something I could hear!

Many years ago, Dave's grandmother moved in with his parents. My MIL had to endure the same types of things from her siblings as you apparently are. There were 9 children in that family and there were 9 differing opinions regarding Grandma's care. For one Uncle in particuliar, his "free ride" was over. He was living with her but because he worked, he couldn't be there to monitor her diabetes and other health issues.

My MIL moved her from Michigan to their house in Missouri and lavished her with care and attention. When Grandma passed away she did so having lived a long and cherished life. My MIL got to repay her Mother for all that she had done over the years.

My MIL pretty much ended up doing what she thought was best for Grandma and if the others weren't on board, too bad so sad. Naturally, that created some divisiveness in the family but Kathy had to stop thinking she had to please everyone else.

On a different note, the pictures of the volcano are really neat. We've heard that it's erupted 6 times now. Not that it's the same but we are in for some severe weather today and tomorrow. Springtime in Texas...Tornadoes, Hail, thunderstorms blah, blah, blah...

Hugs, BBF,

Connie Marie said...

I'm always encouraged to know that my blogging readers pray for me when I read the comments! Thanks so much Jo, and everyone that has. It is good to life each other up. My husband was saying the other day that when an older person passes on, especially an older Christian, we can know for sure that a major part of our prayer back-up has also passed on too. We must come in and stand in their places! We have so much to be thankful for and so much to ask for God's continuing grace in our families.

Thanks for the encouragement Connie. Is it funny how we will pick out others that are going through or have gone through similar circumstances to see how they fared. So we go through these things and are comforted not so that we can be comfortable, but so we can know how we can become a comfort to others that are going through the same thing. I admire all those women/men that have stood up to the challenge and with God's help, did the very best they could!

I think the reason I have such a challenge with this is that I have loved solitude, and quietness. I am learning how to make all that happen even with someone else here with us now.

Live and learn... I am certainly doing all of that!

Thanks for the friendships here, I have appreciated every comment and email. Thanks.

e-Mom said...

So wonderful to read an update from you, Connie Marie. God bless you my friend! :~D

Jettie said...

OOHH so glad you are here!! I have to say I know some of what you mean. My Mom lived with us for a bit after coming back from was very very hard that some siblings would call here relentless and at all hours...when they wouldn't give me the time of day before!! And ALWAYS had an opion that I was supposed to listen to.
I love byour words of wisdom you always have and I so hope that things will get better. You are precious..I have no doubt!!
And I seen on the news about the Volcano...beautiful and scary!! I didn't know it would remove paint!!
glad your back...I missed you!!