Monday, February 23, 2009

Question for Grandpa

Aunt Marie was babysitting for Karla this weekend and the kids were here a lot. It's always fun when they come, but it's always so peaceful when they go! ha

On Saturday Doug was on his way to get a load of wood and Tucker and Gunner wanted to go (for the four-wheeler ride) and "help" Grandpa. So they got into their snow gear and they all rode away.

When Doug cuts wood, he goes into the woods that the fire in 1996 left behind. (Link to an old story.) The wood is good and dry and what hasn't fallen down is still good for burning. Doug usually cuts the wood, then tosses it out of the woods towards the trailer for loading. Depending on how far he is cutting from the small wood trailer he may heave wood several times. When it's near the trailer then I can pick it up and load it. That's where I usually am when I "help" and that is where the boys were.

So, Doug cut the wood, heaved it out several times, and when he got to the trailer where the boys were loading it, Doug stood to catch his breath just when Gunner took a look at him and said, "Grandpa? Aren't you gonna do anything?"


Constance said...

Aren't kids funny that way? I just spent the weekend with our 2 youngest grand-daughters and they were non-stop chatting, entertainment and energy! I remember those days and am glad I am on the OTHER side of that now! Ha ha!

Marie VW said...

funny Gunner.

Jettie said...

oohh that is hilarious!!!! and so darn cute!!! You should of had a picture of your hubbys face!!
really pretty pictures too!!

Proud mommy of four said...

Laughing! That is so cute!
Sounds like you had a wonderful visit. God bless

Faith said...


e-Mom said...

Too cute. Wow, that's hard work. You Alaskans put us to shame. And how are YOU?



That is so funny then I got to thinking that is just how I am with the Lord sometimes. I think He is not doing anything and after a while, I see that He was at work all the time. My what a blessing!!!

This brought back memories of the times, I use to go with my Dad to cut the wood for our stove. I never found it much

Jettie said...

Just as cute the first time I read it!!!

mrsjojo said...

Too funny!