Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Refreshing Counsel

A wise man is strong, yes, a man of knowledge increases strength. For by wise counsel you will wage your own war. And in a multitude of counselors there is safety. Proverbs 24:5,6.

Doug heard Alistair Begg on the radio the first time and on the Ten Commandments. He came home and told me about him and then he got online and ordered the Ten Commandments series, Pathway To Freedom. So I knew his teachings had to be good, and they are! As we rode home from Homer on Sunday we listened to him. Pastor Begg teaches from Cleveland, Ohio and from a non-denominational church. Listen to Truth For Life online.

I am happy to report to Mom's fans, to those that prayed for this situation - Mom has come home! I am sleeping much better with her here too. We are in the process of applying for a room for her at a local senior home. This process could take years to complete. "We have a ten page waiting list with about twelve applicants on each page and your Mom is on the bottom of the list."

Mary told me not to even worry about getting the financial side of things figured out yet since its going to be a long while before they even get to Mom, then Susanne in Juneau said to fax it into them now so that she does not incur undue debt should they get a room for her immediately. I am getting mixed feedback! ha UPDATE: I just spoke with Susanne and she said Mom won't be eligible for help from the State until 2011.

Here is a poem from (I hope this link works.) Violet Able; a steadfast follower of Christ, a good counselor in the ways of the LORD.

How To Find Peace Of Mind

We listen to the newscasts that come daily to our ears,
We read alarming headlines that intensify our fears,
We grow more and more dissatisfied and feel less and less secure
As our days become more anxious and the future more unsure -
For with violence and dissension and chaos all around
We no longer feel with certainty that we stand on solid ground -
But in place of reading headlines that disturb our peace of mind
We should once more read the BIBLE & on its pages we would find

That this age is no different from the millions gone before
And that in every hour of crisis God has opened up a door
To all who seek His guidance and trust His all-wise plan,
For God provides protection beyond that devised by man -
And while God's Almighty Power is not ours to understand,
We know Who Holds the Future & we know Who Holds Our Hand.
And to have the steadfast knowledge that we never walk alone
And to rest in the assurance that our every need is known
Will help dispel our worries and in trusting Him we'll find
Right in the midst of chaos God can give us peace of mind.

Isn't that a great poem? Violet sent that to me when I was a teenager in high school. I have kept it all these many, many moons. When I take down my old Bible, the one that she picked up for me when I was a new Christian, I read it again and am refreshed.


e-Mom said...

I'm so happy your Mom is back with you. :~D

I love that poem... it's words are relevant today, and every day. I'll keep it, just as you have all these years. :~D


Jettie said...

OOHH I can't tell you how absoulutly happy i am that she is back with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so good!!! I hope that Her days are much better!!! And yours too!!
And it is a wonderful poem!!!!

Constance said...

I am playing catch up with my boggy friends and it's taking quite a long time to stop by and visit you. I read with sadness about your Mom and her situation with your brother. I suppose as Moms, none of us wnat to feel like we have given up on our kids, regardless of what the realities all around us are. My grandmother's husband (not my real grandfather) was an alcohpolic and he was one of those ugly drunks. I remember his tirades, his foul language, his abuses towards my beloved granma and my own embarassment of seeing him passed out in their yard and then hearing my friends say.
"Hey I saw your grandpa this morning sleeping out in the yard!"

So what part of this is atttractive as a lifestyle?

I am glad that your Mom is back with you. God has other plans for her. It's lovely that she has a place to come home to, many of our elderly have been abandoned, worse yet by their own families!

Have a lovely weekend, stay warm!
Your BBF,

Jettie said...

how cold there??