Friday, January 16, 2009

It's Not Cold!

Not "how cold is it there" Jettie, rather you should have asked "how warm is it there?" ha! It's raining now.

Yesterday we went out in my husband's truck and just before we got home... we slowly, ever so gently slid right off the road into the ditch! There we were for over an hour as Doug and my son Kris worked to get us up out of the gentle slope of a ditch onto the very icy, wet, slick road!

I am thankful my son Klint (who is away with work) had studded up his four wheeler before he left as my son Kris' truck lost it's four wheel drive and he's been working on it. Kris got the trailer and filled it up with gravel before he came. I should have got out of the truck to take pictures, but... it was wet outside, and slickery.

It was an exciting evening although I did not like sliding into the ditch even if it was a small ditch and we went in so gently. I am a major 'fraidy cat! I'm thankful we didn't slide into the ditch further back which could have been a wild ride down a steep hill! whew!

This rain may continue a few more days. Since it's supposed to be winter time right now, I am not putting any stock into what the weatherman says.


e-Mom said...

I'm a "fraidy cat" in the snow too. :~D So glad you made it out of the ditch. Stay safe!!!

Faith said...

So glad you are safe....Praise the Lord!
I LOVE that second pic you posted...just that near your house? you live in a beautiful state!!

Constance said...

Thankful you are safe! You should check with my son the Weatherman Wanna-Be for his up to the minute predictions. Oh, I guess that won't help you out, he just does North Texas!

Jettie said...

Haha I guess you'd be right!! raining!! the weather is so crazy!!
I am glad ya got outta the ditch!! I hate that part!! love your pics!!! We are warming up here was 12 above zero today!!!

Farrah said...

Hi there!! I'm back to blogging after a couple of very busy weeks!

That second pic is so interesting! We went off the road into the ditch on Christmas while driving down the highway. We weren't even going that fast! Almost hit a cop, too! Had to wait about 20 minutes for a tow truck to pull us out. There were two other cars in the ditch just ahead of us also waiting. Exciting!! Praise God, we are fine and car seems to be fine. :-)

Farrah said...

You'll have to forgive my bad memory!! I was just looking back at older posts and saw I already talked about our ditch experience, AND you even commented on it!! Oops!!!

Connie Marie said...

Faith and Farrah,
That second picture is right down below my kitchen window. The design on the lake is the ice race track that my sons plowed in the snow. They make a snow track then spike up their ATV's and race around out there. They are not happy to see it melting away so early!