Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Bec!

My little sister has a birthday today and I thought I would post this beautiful sunrise picture I took this morning for her since it is her day.

Happy Birthday Rebecca Ann, we love you.

There are so many birthdays this month in our family --- and I think I posted all about that before!

Wonder what kind of weather is in store? Red sky in the morning... sailors take warning. Red sky at night, sailors delight! Only thing is up here in South central Alaska we are landlubbers, so maybe it means nothing for us.

There is a bug with the Labels for the post: feature of BLOGGER.COM. When I try to add tags for my posts it automatically puts in previous tags, so weather becomes warm weather or whatever I had posted before. I have to leave a space between the new word and the comma. Kind of irritating.

P.S. Rebecca didn't like the picture of me below when I emailed it to her (the Face Melter picture). She said it scared her and she had to delete it. hehehe


e-Mom said...

Happy Birthday Rebecca! Beautiful sunset. (Lol, I thought that morphed photo of you was kind of cool.) :~D

Jettie said...

Happy Birthday..And beautiful picture!!!

Jettie said...

Happy Birthday..And beautiful picture!!!

Constance said...

Has Snowy Girl had her b-day yet? Jennifer just had hers on the 20th and my brother's is today.

I don't like the face melter thing either. Charlie took a picture of Laura in her wedding dress and did that to her and she looked positively EVIL! (shivers)