Thursday, November 13, 2008

Just Say NO to Oprah!!!!

So I've been hearing the *M%E#D@I!A^ says that Governor Sarah Palin has all these offers coming in for *M%E#D@I!A^ interviews and that her popularity has not waned since the Obama win (DUH!). I'm saying to Sarah - "Just say NO to Oprah!" I just hope she does not get on the Oprah show. Every show but ---not Oprah! Please!

The *M%E#D@I!A^ also says --- we (Alaska) have a gas line to be approved and she needs the public exposure. I say to the *M%E#D@I!A^ - "Go fly a kite!" I have had enough of the *M%E#D@I!A^'s opinion the last two years, give us a break and you know what? Sarah will continue to do fine without all of your stupid input.

Please Sarah.... "Just say NO to Oprah!"

Let's Go Fly A Kite!


e-Mom said...

Just go fly a kite... too funny!

Sarah Palin's continuing national popularity is certainly of great interest. Sounds like we're going to be seeing a lot more of her down here in the lower 48 over the next few years. :~D

Constance said...

I am surprised at how many Christians think that Oprah's the final authority on just about everything! I have even heard her say that she does NOT believe that Jesus is the only way to get to heaven! She is full of all that new-agey, feel good junk. She may do good things with all of her money but that isn't the bottom line as we Christians know! I do hope Governor Palin says NO!

mrsjojo said...

YOU GO GIRL!! I'm with you on that one.
Way tooooo many people look up to Oprah. She is a waste of valuable time. I used to watch her (not all the time). I couldn't stand the idea of wasting my time watching her interviews with the celebrities. Way to much credence is given to them and their godless lifestyles. Way to much new age philosophy promoted by her. She has definitely given money to good causes but that is no excuse to give her the time of the day.

Proud mommy of four said...

I so agree with that! No Oprah!!
Sarah can do so much better than that.

SandiLynnHill said...

I said NO to Oprah a long time ago. I abhor watching her. I think Sarah Palin is a wise young woman and I pray she never gives Oprah the time of day!