Thursday, October 16, 2008

You Will Do Fine!

Yesterday, Mom was visiting my sister in Wasilla when I left home to pick her up and bring her to the clinic for the first shot I would give to her. The day before Nurse Ned had shown me the proper way to fill the syringe, to hold the needle and to poke a stuffed paper-box filled with cotton.

Always be careful of the needle. Never put your hand or the syringe in a position that you may accidentally poke yourself or your patient. Always think ahead to what you will need before you will need it. He demonstrated to me how he opens a bandage and hangs it on his shirt just in case the needle causes some bleeding.

He said, "It's easy and you will do fine!"

So when we got to the clinic, I let the ladies behind the counter know that Mom was there. We waited and I tried to watch Disney's Aladdin on the television. "Look there is a good movie on the t.v.," Mom said. Visit this site for a quick Aladdin Character Quiz.

I was Abu, the little monkey. lol (Alert: I had to sign up as a member to recieve the results in my email.)

Soon we were walking down the hallway and into the room with Nurse Samantha. She said, "What are we doing today?" I told her, "Mom gets a Vitamin B-12 shot." "Are you going to do it?" "I am supposed to," I said and laughed. "Oh, you will do fine!" she said.

So she laid out all the things and I did it all. I filled the syringe, swabbed Mom and before I could think long enough to get intimidated I moved the syringe like I was "playing darts." "Well," Samantha said, "you are a natural born nurse!"

It was all over - Mom an exceptional patient! "I reminded myself to relax," she said.

What a relief and everyone that said it would be easy were right! It was easy and now I can do these myself, at home, no driving to get shots! Now I repeat the words my sister Millie always used to say to me, "Thank the Good Lord, Sis!" And thank YOU for praying for me!

As Mom and I worked to get her in the car and buckled in, I heard knocking on the clinic window. I turned to see what was going on and there was Nurse Ned and Nurse Samantha at the window smiling, waving, and giving me the thumbs up sign!

So if you are giving a shot for the first time, let me encourage ya... you don't have to worry, it is easy and .... you will do fine!


Greg said...

LOL!!! Praise the Lord! Told'ja you could do it! :)

You're a very sweet daughter to your mom. My parents are pushing 70, and while my dad is still in great shape, my mom's MS is taking its toll on both of them. I know it won't be long before I have to make the same decisions you're facing. I'm their only family in the U.S., but at least they're less than an hour away.

e-Mom said...

Too funny... Good for YOU nurse Connie Marie. Thanks for the little lesson in syringe use. (But I hope I never have to use it!)

Yesterday, Jan (Bold & Free) asked for your feedback about Alaskan wolves in the comments on the Sarah Palin interview we did at Chrysalis. When you get a chance, would you mind responding to her question?

Here is the post:

Trusting you are well! Hugs.

Farrah said...

Isn't it liberating not to have to go somewhere and have it done? We really put it off, but now I wish Hubby had started doing mine sooner. All those trips to the clinic... We were both so scared for nothing!


I can't think of anyone that I would rather give me a shot than you, Connie Marie. Your Mom will be so happy she want have to go anywhere to get the injection that she needs. You are such a good daughter and I pray the Lord blesses both you and your Mom as you go through these times together. connie from Texas

Jettie said...

OOHh I would love to have you around!! I get b-12 shots but am too chicken to do them myself!! so every month in I go!! I'll bet your Mom just loves being around you!! How happy You make her!!

elizabeth embracing life said...

wow, this just brough tears to my eyes. I have never been in a position to give out shots, but you have made it seem so easy. I am truly amazed and blessed.