Sunday, October 12, 2008

Jesus Christ is Lord!

[Top picture: Old Harbor Boat Harbor, and the Old Harbor dock at sunrise.]

“We throw open our doors to God and discover at the same moment that he has already thrown open his door to us. We find ourselves standing where we always hoped we might stand—out in the wide open spaces of God’s Amazing Grace and Glory, standing tall and shouting our praise.” Romans 5:2

This was the verse at the Kodiak's Crusade for Christ that we were privileged to attend last week. We spent time with Kodiak Christian's as they took a week to praise and worship Jesus Christ and honor the memory of a dear friend of theirs Nadia Mullan.

[First picture:Alaska Freedom Band, Adam, Don and Doug (missing Steve), Bottom: Me pointing at the Tustemena leaving Kodiak.]

The reason I got to go to Kodiak/Old Harbor was The Alaska Freedom Band was invited to lead the music and Doug is part of that gospel music group, and Doug invited me to go along with him. *big smile* A big THANK-YOU to my daughter Kim for visiting with my Mom the week I was away!

I was also asked to share my testimony. This can lead me to many days of fingernail-biting anxiety but it didn't! I found myself quietly asking God to fill me with His Holy Spirit and give me words to bring honor and glory to His Son... and He did! I praise the Lord for that. Besides that my Mom and my grandchildren were praying for me too! God is good.

Besides Kodiak we also flew back to my hometown Old Harbor. It was great to be back near the ocean and in the place that I spent my growing up years. I got to see many friends and relatives that I have not seen for so many years. It was a blessing and I ask that God will bless them with the knowledge of His Son Jesus Christ and what He accomplished for us all at Calvary, which is the very best blessing that I can ask be given to them or anyone else.

"Jesus Christ is Lord!"

These are the words on a plague seen in the Windbreak Cafe in Wasilla and was a delight for Mom to see for the first time today as we sat down for breakfast after attending the early morning service. Everyone was out for breakfast today as we don't normally go to Windbreak on Sunday mornings but because the Mat-Su Family Restaurant was plugged we ended up eating there.

Mom had some medical challenges lately and we've been to see the doctor too many times. Her blood work showed that she has a Vitamin B-12 deficiency and I will be learning how to give her shots next week! I am hoping I do not fail the test of poking my Mom with a needle for her own good and just faint on Tuesday morning!

Blessings to all.


Greg said...

Hi, Connie Marie! Thanks for stopping by my blog! What a small world! We have friends in Kodiak, who are really on fire for the Lord. They have a real burden to witness and minister to the people in out-of-the-way villages, who are lost in the bondage of sin.

From the looks of your pics, it's a beautiful land, that I'd like to visit someday... just not when it's so cold! LOL!

Speaking of shots, I know exactly what you mean. I've been giving my wife shots in the thigh, once a week, for several months now... and I normally faint at the sight of a needle. We prayed, and the Lord helped me to do the right thing and not pass out. I still get a little nervous every time I do it, but it's become pretty routine. It also helps to have a brave wife, who takes it all in stride. I'll be praying for you and your mom.

goooooood girl said...
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Constance said...

I am glad you're back! I thought I was the only who was supposed to go away! Ha Ha!

I remember my MIL giving insulin shots to dave's grandmother when she was living with my in-laws, Grandma took it all in stride! I am sure you'll do fine! I take B-12 everyday with my meds and my other vitamins! I need the boost!

It sounds like you had a wonderful time in Kodiak and getting to be with Doug was probably the icing on the cake!

Speaking of cake, today is Charles' 18th birthday and I am feeling pretty sentimental to say the least!

Glad you're back BBF!

Faith said...

Glad you're back.
Thanks for commenting on my blog!

You live in an absolutely gorgeous area!!
Someday I sure do hope I can visit Alaska.
I loved what you wrote about what Jesus has accomplished for us at Calvary....I pray my relatives who don't know Him in a personal way, come to know the Truth as well!
Have a blessed week.

Marie VW said...

Beautiful pictures of the docks!!! You should frame those!!

e-Mom said...

Yay for the Alaska Freedom Band! It's great that you were able to visit your hometown of Old Harbor and reconnect with old friends too.

As for new your job as nurse, I'm sure you'll do just fine! I'm surprised your Mom can't take vitamin B-12 supplements. Maybe they don't work fast enough? :~D

mrsjojo said...

I've been wondering what happened to you. Isn't it so fun to go back home again? I had such a great time in King Cove this summer. I would like to see more photos of Old Harbor. It looks like a beautiful place.
May God be with you as you minister to your mom during this time. With the Lord's help we surprise ourselves at what we can do. Although, it would be a huge challenge for me to administer a shot. I got a shot from a nurse last week and I still have an ugly bruise. She poked me almost on my collar bone-(exaggeration-but pretty close to the truth) :) Had to get that off my chest!!