Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Useless Chasing

Picture of ChewChew with fall seeds in his fur.

Chevy has been chasing after little critters with big teeth. I take him, Chewy and Moto for a walk and when we go down by the dock he hears those beavers slap their tails in the lake. He runs, jumps in and swims and swims until I get worried he won't have the strength to return to shore!

Those beaver appear to be working together to tire him out. One critter will swim out in front of him, then veer off so that he follows, then slap his tail and dive. That seems to excite Chevy so he swims faster. He swims in a circle and sniffs the water. A second beaver, which is a ways off, will slap and Chevy swims off in that direction. When he gets closer the second beaver slaps its' tail and dives. Chevy swims in a frenzy again. Back and forth, back and forth. Today I learned there are not only two of them, there are four beaver!

Doesn't this tree seem to be keeping an eye on you?

These beaver have been cutting down trees in earnest! I told them to leave and not come back if they want to know what is good for themselves. But... they haven't yet. So - when their fur get just right and thick from the cold winter, they shall be no more.

Fall colors were fantastic!

As I watched Chevy today I thought to myself, we people do that too. We all chase after things that bring no lasting - anything! Chevy isn't even happy in the process! He sounds like he is sucking down water more and more as he gets tired out. It's not necessary for life that he chase after those elusive beaver! But he runs to chase everytime they slap their tails. I've watched him jump up from the deck, leap over the edge of the hill, and race down to the lake and jump in - ker-plosh! Then he'll come home later all tired out and barely moving - with nothing to show for all that effort. I don't know, maybe it's fun... in a dog sort of way.

Doug and I went out riding trails this past Labor Day weekend. We had fun together. We saw (before hunting season opened) one bull, one cow with two calves. After opening day - nothing! But we had a great time out there, together, riding.

Then I looked on all the works that my hands had done and on the labor in which I had toiled; and indeed all was vanity and grasping for the wind. There was no profit under the sun. Ecclesiastes 2:11.


Constance said...

Ecc is my Hub's favorite book of the Bible. I agree with your perceptions about chasing futility. I do it all the time. I should be focusing on the eternal, the lasting and I get caught up in the moment with whatever flashes before my eyes, getting me off track. SIGH

Imperfect as I am today
it won't always be that way!

Are you going to be modeling a beaver hat in the months to come?


Jettie said...

OOHH you guys look so cute!!!!!
That tree how wierd and cool is that!!
I love beavers!! We don't ever see to many around here and how cute that would be to see Chevy doin that!!

TJ said...

We do chase after things, don't we?

Sounds like the beavers are having a great time. We have em here, but not many. It's the coyotes that need to watch out, hubby is all setup to get them this winter.

Faith said...

You both look great!
Love the colors in your pics...and that one above you looks so peaceful.
Happy Autumn!

e-Mom said...

It sounds like you're REALLY enjoying the AK outdoors. I can feel the nip in the air, and see your fall colors.

Those beavers and your dogs sound hilarious. Did I mention we've counted 17 racoons in our backyard this summer... and it's a totally urban environment! Very unusual. Something about more snow pack this spring??? We love "woldlife."