Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Progress? and Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday!

Today my husband sent me a YouTube link to watch. It was a video pro-McCain. It was a good video done by an Iraq war veteran. Watch it, Dear Mr. Obama.

As I watched the video I saw another video of Obama, while he spoke he was heckled by a group of pro-lifers. I watched that video, then I saw another video of Gianna Jessen, a saline abortion survivor. She speaks for giving babes the right to live. I watched her interview and then saw another which I was actually afraid to watch, but I did. It is a video done by Gynecologist Dr. Bill Lile and he demonstrates how a partial-birth abortion is done.

Oh my word! I knew that these procedures were awful, but to actually see how it is performed has me shuddering for the future of America! American women!!

Those little, helpless ones are our babies! We must at every time we can - stand up for the oppressed. Our defenseless, unborn babies are being quietly oppressed ...and because of our personal rights to happiness?. Is having the right to kill our babies progress for women? If so, it is the wrong way to progress! I can't understand how a person (doctor) who has gone through so much schooling to learn how to protect life can actually stand there long enough to snuff life away like that!

The late 60's and early 70's were the days when our women were becoming liberated, ha! I remember enough of those days to know that I felt guilty for being "just a stay-at-home Mom" then. I agree that many women were kept under the thumb of men before being "liberated" and that is not right either.

Today, as I watched Dr. Lile I wondered, is this women's progress? Has women's progress given us the liberation, the freedom to kill our babies while they struggle to live 90% outside of our bodies? Is that progress? No, it's not!

Babies are a blessing! Don't let the evil one sway you to believe otherwise! Women, you can have your liberation ---by keeping the choice to prevent being impregnated, but the liberation to kill what life has already come from poor choices - that is not a right we should claim. We must protect and nurture our babies, they are depending on us!

Today we celebrate our twins birthdays. What a blessing they have been for Doug and I. I was a new 20-year-old Mom when they were born. When friends would ask - "How did you do it? Two babies at once?" I answer that I didn't know any better. If I ever thought that it was difficult I probably put off as -this was as it was for all women down through the ages and I will just have to do it too. ha! Two years after having twins our third daughter Kim was born. Her birthday is September 12th, in just a few days too.

I realize now when I look back on the early 70's that I remember hardly anything of what went on in the world during those years! I was oblivious to anything other than caring for babies --- for years!

I've said this before when speaking of my babies: My children are the greatest accomplishments of hard work in my life today, and I pray that they are also our greatest contributions to the world's good today! I wonder how many blessings have been taken from the USA by women's liberation?

My heart goes out to any woman that may be reading this with regrets. What an incredible God we have that forgives through Jesus Christ's sacrifice. God gave His own Son to die for any and all sins that we have committed, knowingly or unknowingly. Seek Him for comforting your heart. Jesus Christ gave His own life - willingly, nobody killed Him against His will, He did it willingly so that we could claim Him as the reason we can stand with a clear conscience before God. "For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him." John 3 READ IT!

Happy birthday Marie and Karla, and happy birthday Kim. We love you.

(L to R: Kim, Karla, Marie)


Faith said...

A wonderful post. Just wonderful.
Praise the Lord for women like you and speaking out the Truth.
God bless you!
ANd Happy Birthday to your blessings!

Jettie said...

OOHh you are such a powerful writer!! I did a book report in high school on abortions it is absolutley horrible!! just horrible I can not imagine who the people who were resposible for that could do it!!

Happy birthday there too!! We have a Birthday here too!!!

Marie VW said...

Thank you Mom. I feel very blessed and very grateful to have grown up in your love and care. Thank you very much for loving me so much.

DeLong House said...

So did it seem easy to take care of Kim after taking care of us twins? I love those pictures you have of the good ol days. Thank you very much for being "just a stay at home mom" I feel blessed to have had you and Dad growing up. I hope that my kids grow up to love me as much as I love you!

Roo said...

hi there....i found you through e-mom. thank you for writing this. i have always been pro life but lately i have (like you) been studying a bit deeper to see what our is legal in our country (i live in canada) in regards to abortion. wow.
completely horrific.
i can't watch without weeping.

come Lord Jesus. Maranatha.