Saturday, August 09, 2008


How about the Olympic opening ceremony in China, huh? Incredible.

It's hard to believe that Christian's are persecuted there from what we watched tonight. China did a great job with this opening ceremony and I am very impressed, but as I watched I could not help but think of where some of our Christian brothers and sisters are over there and what sort of fiery trials they are enduring.

Remember to pray for China's persecuted Christians as you watch your favorite Olympians, PERSECUTION.COM While you are there remember the Russia and Georgian troubles too. It was a wonder to me to see President Bush and Putin in the same place while Russia and Georgia waged war... if not, it was war-like activity. USA Today.


Proud mommy of four said...

You are so right. I know someone from China and they said that many Christians still have to remain hidden for this very reason. They do need our prayers.
How is your summer going?
Take care and God bless

Faith said...

YES...that was one of the more impressive, most spectacular openings I have seen. We watched it from our beach house great room. There were 10 of us....well...actually the 3 of the 4 men in the family went up stairs to watch the red sox game. my daughters LOVEd watching the ceremony...we were up late!

Jettie said...

I didn't watch it.
DiD you hear a minnesotan was stabbed and killed there?
So sad what goes on!!

Farrah said...

I know, it does seem contradictory, doesn't it? I've seen a lot of mixed feelings on this one. Haven't really decided how I feel about it though.