Friday, August 29, 2008


Woohooo! I was excited to wakefulness this morning when Doug came upstairs to ask if I could hear what my sister Kotya and her husband had been watching on the morning news - "McCain chose Sarah as his running mate." "Wha...??" "Our Sarah?" "Yeah!" OH MY WORD - "Did she accept?" "Yup, I think she has."

We are so happy with Sarah's abilities to govern and we don't doubt that she will be doing her best to work for us in the White House too should they become the next President and Vice President.

May God continue to give her wisdom and a love and passion for her work. May He bless her family as they share her with us! May He protect her and her family from the evil ones attacks.

I am happy for Sarah!


e-Mom said...

LOL, I thought you would have something to say! Congratulations to all Alaskans. This is one lady to keep an eye on, alright.

But what about all her children??? :~D

Jettie said...

I had to come by to to see if you posted anything on her!!
I have to say I would not vote for Mcain...
But I like her so much I may have to change my mind!! She's gracful,funny caring and so knowledge able!! Love her family strength and she seems so honest and open!! She is one person I'd want watching my back!!
Congrats I say!!

Mam said...

AMEN! This is quite a surprise. We are ecstatic!

Faith said...

Well, she certainly changed our minds in our home. We don't particularly either candidate but we do like your governor!!

mrsjojo said...

YEAH!!! for Sarah!! What a wonderful addition to McCain's ticket. I didn't like the options out there but with Sarah on the ticket--she has my vote!!
I have purposed in my heart to uplift her and her family in prayer-she needs it now more than ever.

Proud mommy of four said...

I am sooo thrilled and happy with his choice.