Thursday, August 21, 2008


My house has been overflowing with friends and family. Howling Huskies happened this past weekend and Kene and Millie Jackson spent a few nights with us. My sister Kotya and her family stopped by (but I didn't take pictures!) and will be spending some nights with us. We also met Kris' friend from Arizona - Heather. They have been communicating now for probably a year +. It's nice to meet her finally - in person as she plans to spend the next two weeks visiting here in Alaska. First impressions of Heather? She is tall and has a beautiful smile!

We went to Chepos yesterday, a place our family likes to go for Mexican occasionally. Mom and I shared a chicken enchillada dinner and the rest of the couples each shared the deluxe appetizer plate.

Klint and Calli

Kris and Heather

Marie, Matthew.

My Mom and I.

The sunrise a few mornings ago. I've been seeing some sunrises since I've been getting up early to bring Moto outdoors before he overflows. House breaking is coming along alright.

We have been seeing the results of a very industrious beaver along the shoreline here too. He slaps his tail and does a very loud plunge into the lake when he is around. Chevy cannot resist jumping into the lake to chase him around then the loons come over for a closer look.

We have not had time to be bored at all lately. Doug has been busy as a beaver himself trying to keep Meadow Creek open and flowing with that beaver around. The beaver dammed up the creek so well that the lakes water level has risen and overflowed its banks to the point of flooding Marie's cute garden! Between the little critters that have been eating things up and now the water her garden is in poor shape.


e-Mom said...

I'll say, full to overflowing! Thanks for the update. You have a beautiful family. (But where's Moto?) :~D

Jettie said...

OOHh beautiful photos!! and looks like everyone had a wonderful time!! I really Love the pic of you and your Mom!! beautiful!!

Proud mommy of four said...

That sunrise is just breathtaking! It sounds like you had a wonderful time. I love the photo with you and your mom.
Take care and God bless

mrsjojo said...

Tell Doug that he is just going to have to be busier than the beaver in order to stop the flooding!
I was planning on attending the Howling Huskies this year but a last minute trip to King Cove came up and I got back the weekend of the event. Then I had to pack to head down to the Kenai Peninsula for the week. I'm planning on next year!! I'm sure it was a wonderful time.
Enjoyed the photos of the happy "eaters".
My plan is to get my trip to King Cove on my blog this week. It's been a work in progress this past week.

Marie said...

My poor poor garden. And it is still trying so hard to be productive. I wonder if the zuccini (which I've heard tell will grow in any kind of soil... ha ha) will give me any thing to harvest before it freezes. The onions seem to be doing well though. Maybe I'll take dad's advice and plant a section of rice. ha.

Mam said...

Hi Connie Marie, You have such a lovely family. Your house must be a real happy place. I was blessed to see the picture of you and your mother. I guess Fall is settling in up there. Sorry you didn't have much of a summer, did you? That's one thing I really don't miss - the changing seasons here are so very enjoyable. We had a cool summer like this one in HOmer about 10 years ago, I remember. My garden was a real dud. It was also dry that summer.
God bless you.

Constance said...

I am back from San Antonio and trying to catch up (once again it seems!) I loe the sunrise pictures. I am an early riser and I like how everything goes from dark to light!

If you like Mexican food, you would have enjoyed San Antonio. Brenda and I had Mexican EVERY night for dinner and even one morning for breakfast!

Have a glorious week!

elizabeth embracing life said...

What a beautful family to go along with the beautiful sunset. You are clearly a blessed woman, and even more precious is you with your mom.