Monday, August 18, 2008

Our Most Constant Comfort

Rapid Deployment Kits for our troops via Campus Crusade for Christ International.

I received an email from Focus on the Family asking for support of our troops being deployed overseas by giving to help provide Bibles for them. I can't think of a more perfect way to bring comfort in times of troubles, can you?

God's word saves - eternally.


Constance said...

That is a wonderful idea!

This summer, I was in Mardel's Christian Store buying a piece of "Willow Tree" for Laura's shower when I saw that they had promotional Bibles for the troops for sale. They were paperback and had a camoflauge look to them. You could sign it if you wanted and then bring it back to the store and they were handling the delivery arrangements.

I took mine home, wrote a personal note in it, placed one of my address labels inside and then laid my hands on it, bathing it in prayer for whomever the Lord would direct it to.

Since my son Charles is nearly 18 and now a Senior, many of his friends are joining the military right after Graduation. Laura's best friend just got married earlier this year and her husband is in the Army. They will be moving to Ft Benning and then he will be deployed not long after.

My cousin Kevin did his tour of duty in Iraq and about 6 months after his return, his 20 year stint was done so he is officially retired from the Army now. Unfortunately, it cost him his marriage.

I have a reat appreciation for the Military since it runs deeply in my family's veins. I think most Americans take it for granted but they sure are glad that they are there when an emergency comes up!


Clay Perry said...

that is a great idea