Monday, August 18, 2008


Can someone that can't/won't swim because she can't trust that she WILL float.... possibly know what it means to ----TRUST?


elizabeth embracing life said...

This is a good question. I call this compartmentalized kind of trust or in this case distrust. If this person gets out of bed each morning and put feet on the floor, then there is trust that the floor will still be there from the night before. Life conditions us to know when, where, and how to trust.

Connie Marie said...

I like your comment, elizabeth, thanks.

Constance said...

Bummer....yesterday I left alengthy comment and I don't see it here.

I pretty much said it was a great idea and that I had done something similiar through Mardel's Christian Store. I purchased a special Bible that was intended for the Military. I took it home, wrote in it, bathed it in prayer for the one that the Lord was going to direct it to and then took it back to the store since they would be handling the delivery of it.