Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Alaskan Basket Weaver Now Blogs

Jill Choate, our basket weaver instructor and fantastic artist now is blogging about her life here in Alaska. Stop by her blog for her interesting life writes. She continues to bring basket classes to all those interested in learning to weave.

My last basket weaving attempt continues to sit unfinished in the bay window of my dining area. I just have been too busy this summer to get back to it. (Basket of messy stuff are all of Chewy's toys, and now been seriously chewed on by Moto too.)

Visit Jill's blog now.


e-Mom said...

Yay, Moto. Jill's blog is great. Thanks for the link. :~D

e-Mom said...

P.S. We went to an art show in Arizona, and ran across an amazing basket artist called Montana Blue Heron. Take a peek!

JILLblog said...

Thanks for the write up Connie! I'm already getting comments from your fellow bloggers. Also, thanks for the inspiration. Your the one who got me going down this path. Pick that basket up and start weaving woman.

Andrew & Kimberly's exellent adventure said...

Hey Connie... this will seem way out of place as this would probably be better in an e-mail, I just wanted to say thank you for keeping an eye on my wife and I's blog last year (AKLong, about our job in Tanana). I know my family was SUPER busy and it was so nice to come to the blog and see SOME activity especially when we were really missing home. Kimberly and I are hoping another Trip to Tanana will work out and it will give you another blog to keep up on ha ha.

Again thank you so much!

Andrew (and the beautiful Kimberly) Long

Constance said...

Do y'all think she'd come down here to Texas?

Jettie said...

OOHh I can't wait to see this one finished!! This summer has been a fright as far as busy hasn't it!!!
I'll have to check her blog out!!