Monday, July 21, 2008

Why O Why O Why?

I already have two dogs, one inside dog and one outside dog... "whatever possessed me?" I found myself wondering at three thirty this morning. He had been yelping and scratching and making himself a major nuisance. He not only did that, he went pee and poop not in just one place but MANY! I worried that he was bothering Mom so I got up and told him this was not good behavior for one that was so new to the family.

Why do people love puppies? What makes us willing to put up with such discomfort?






He is a mutt (like me). Sharpei, Rottweiller, Husky and Blue Tick Heeler. I wonder who he's going to end up looking like! I hope he gets his Mom's trait of not shedding (Sharpei), I hope he gets the Rottweiller look, but with the family dog trait of the Blue Tick Heeler, and definitely no Husky fur!!!! His previous owner claimed that both his Momma and Daddy dogs were excellent family dogs.

Right now "Moto" is learning my tone of voice. I have tried to raise our dogs using Barbara Woodhouse's recommendations for "no bad dogs" in her book "No Bad Dogs, The Woodhouse Way." I use the choke collar. Right now Moto is wearing a choke collar to get used to it and I am getting worn out cleaning up after him! He is not as clean as my Shih-tzu Chewy was when he was a puppy. Chewy never messed on his blanket, but it appears that Moto has no qualms whatsoever of peeing on his! I can see right now that the next few months are going to be a challenge!

Doug? Maybe we should buy stock in toilet paper!

I am looking a head to a happy future with our newest addition to our family - welcome little Moto!


Jettie said...

Well next time I feel like getting a puppy I'll remeber to come read this post!!!
But he is awfully cute!!

Constance said...

Good Morning BBF!

I watched your music video and I am impressed! I want to try doing something like that with our vacation pictures and movies. I want to put worship music to it.

I loved hearing the loons! On August 1st we head up to Sioux Narrows, Ontario to spend a week in a cabin on Lake of the Woods. I love sitting out on the porch or in an adirondack chair on the dock, listening to the loons while I read. Sigh.

I chuckled over your muskrat. Even though I was hearing AFB, I couldn't get "Muskrat Love" out of my head! Ha Ha!

Your puppy is a cutie! I am at a place in my life where I am tired of taking care of things be it pets or kids. They are rewarding I will say, I'll probably feel differently down the road.

Hope your day is blessed beyond belief!


Susan Stevenson said...

Why do people love puppies? Because they are SOOOOO CUTE!!!! *grin*

I hope the house training doesn't take too long.