Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Great Video - I Can

Saw this video this morning and was impressed with the effort and with the song. Thought I'd share it with you.

What a beautiful morning here. After so much rain the sun is appreciated when it comes out. It came out last night and this morning was glorious to behold. I had to get outdoors so I began down the driveway with the three dogs.

Chevy in the lead, Chewy trying to keep up second place, and Moto upsetting them both! MOTO, come! MOTO, no! MOTO, come! No response. I decided it was time for lesson number one on the leash: Come!

Moto has been wearing his choke collar so is now accustomed to the new-ness of it. He was not ready for the instant command that a choke collar along with a leash wields! He didn't like it but - I love it! Come Moto! [yank] Good boy!!!! [struggle, pull] Come Moto! [yank] Good boy!!!!! [whine, but comes]

So, our walk was semi-nice. Chevy in the lead, Chewy second and me and Moto tagging along behind; me with a smile and appreciation for a choke collar and a leash, and Moto with a whine and a weakening stubborn struggle.

"Want a little cheese with that 'whine', little one?"

hehehe - he's going to be a good dog!



Connie Marie, I saw this a few weeks ago. It touched my heart as did the song. I am blessed to have been able to see it again. Glad the sun has come out. It is beautiful. connie from texas

e-Mom said...

This is such a touching video! I've seen similar footage of this father-son team somewhere in my past. It's so encouraging to know, there IS self-sacrifice and goodness in people. (Do you know if they're Christians?) Much food for thought.

Your sunrise is so lovely. I can just see your three "little ones" with smiles on their faces... :~D

Constance said...

I remember the first I heard of them, it was a video clip at church and I bawled like a baby! There's a lesson in there...

The father sacrificing and doing whatever it takes so his child would have a life beyond, what anyone ever expected for him or thought would be possible!

Sometimes I wish God would put me literally on a choke collar! I'd get into a lot less trouble!

Beautiful sunrise... sigh


Jettie said...

You know our niece got a puppy and named it Chevy to!!
beautiful pic!

Mam said...

Connie Marie, thank you for continuing to check in with me, even though I haven't been much of a visitor to anyone of late.
I've been burying myself in art and contemplation!
What fun that you have a new pup.
Ron and I are trying to decide what to do next. We even considered going to Ouzinkie. It's not totally out of the picture yet.
This video is so wonderful. I'd sure like to know how you got it onto your site. I haven't been able to do that from GodTube.
Hope all is well up there. I heard your temperatures this week. Can't believe the summer you've had!