Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Consider Yourself Spared

I thought of doing a video or photo display of what I woke up to early this morning with our (notice he's now 'our', not 'my') new family member.. but decided to spare you the details! Aren't I nice?

Let's just say that I've thought (repeatedly) of tying Moto up at the top of a tree just to see what the eagles thought about him as in deliciously... hehehe

So now you know my ugly heart.

Once when I was a young lady I heard someone preach on the story of God and Moses, sorry but right now I can't "give credit where credit is due." Anyway, whenever the people did good things God called them "My People," when they were horrid He told Moses, "your people." Does that not make you smile, even laugh?

Need to read that story again.

BTW, the loons are still loving their little one and we are all relieved!


Constance said...

That's why God made babies and puppies so darn cute! Anything that causes that much work better have SOMETHING going for them! Ha Ha!

DeLong House said...

Don't Do It Mom!!!!!!!!! haha! Love you!

shanleyteal said...

HI I was doing a little searching, curious about my mothers family and such and ran across your blog in the midst. My mothers maiden name is Marciel Torsen her parents were Albert and Helen Torsen of Kodiak. I was wondering if you had done any history research on their ancestory etc. etc.

shanleyteal said...

If so my email is