Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My Look At Sharia Law

One of my Bebo friends had posted this prayer:

Lord jesus i ask that you use all things at your disposal and not allow sharia law to be established in the uk. i pray lord that you overthrow the judge who says its ok and that britiain will once again know that there is a God who reighns. in jesus name amen

I realized I've heard of this sharia law stuff but I don't know much about sharia law - so I did some reading about it.

Sharia law is the Muslim law, sharia means "the path to a watering hole." Apparently, there are different degrees of sharia law and judgments for straying/error - passive to extreme. All sharia laws come forth from the Quran, and some from the sayings of Mohammad and even his acquaintances. Sharia law has been likened to the Judean law and to the Christian's Biblical laws, where we get a lot of our (USA) judicial wisdom from, at least we used to base our justice on God's word.

According to this website, "for the last fifteen years more than one thousand women have been stoned to death." (In Iran.) Stoning, what a horrible and slow way to die. I was revolted by the description of this stoning carried out in our day (!) Iran. This stoning came about because of a man wanting to be relieved of his marriage who accused his wife of adultery, punishable by stoning. The God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob's wrath and revenge rest on his head, and all those in authority that threw stones at her and all the many other innocent women. (WARNING: Very graphic and detailed account of a stoning.)

Stoning was also part of the God of the Bible and of the Torah's (The five books of Moses) remedy to sin in the Old Testament. Sin is so revolting that we should flee it like we are fleeing for our lives! God hates sin that much... that He would allow stoning to keep sin from permeating His people's lives.

That brings me to realize what a wonderful Savior we know if we know Christ Jesus. We were born into the day of grace! We through Christ have freedom from these awful laws, and live in this wonderful period of grace! Freedom from punishment and to live sinful? NO.. just like Paul said. (Romans). I am so thankful for Christ Jesus, and the sacrifice He was willing to become for me to pay the awful price for my sin, and all those that also choose to believe.

Sharia ultimately degrades society and diminishes freedom. American Thinker

My heart is heavy for women born into the Muslim faith, pray for them today. Pray for the UK government, that God's will be done so that His word can continue to reach all those that have not heard the Gospel yet. Stand in Christ every day, every moment. Be vigilant. Keep praying for God's will to be done in the UK and on earth.

A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another; as I have loved you, that you also love one another. By this all will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another. Jesus. (John 13: 34,35)

By this all will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another. This is the new covenant way to treat each other and the repenting sinners. Being known for being loving towards each other should be the only way for faithful followers of Christ to be known. So let's let our Light's shine! That light is love for one another --- which we can have ----through Christ.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Great Video - I Can

Saw this video this morning and was impressed with the effort and with the song. Thought I'd share it with you.

What a beautiful morning here. After so much rain the sun is appreciated when it comes out. It came out last night and this morning was glorious to behold. I had to get outdoors so I began down the driveway with the three dogs.

Chevy in the lead, Chewy trying to keep up second place, and Moto upsetting them both! MOTO, come! MOTO, no! MOTO, come! No response. I decided it was time for lesson number one on the leash: Come!

Moto has been wearing his choke collar so is now accustomed to the new-ness of it. He was not ready for the instant command that a choke collar along with a leash wields! He didn't like it but - I love it! Come Moto! [yank] Good boy!!!! [struggle, pull] Come Moto! [yank] Good boy!!!!! [whine, but comes]

So, our walk was semi-nice. Chevy in the lead, Chewy second and me and Moto tagging along behind; me with a smile and appreciation for a choke collar and a leash, and Moto with a whine and a weakening stubborn struggle.

"Want a little cheese with that 'whine', little one?"

hehehe - he's going to be a good dog!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Getting Along

So having the new puppy has been a big adjustment for us all.

Especially for my little indoor dog, Chewy. He did not seem to appreciate having to share his toys which the puppy just took from him.

My big outdoor dog, Chevy, did not seem to appreciate having to share the front deck, his food, his bones, his sticks.... with the little mischief puppy who just helped himself to it all.

The rest of us... adjusting to noise at night, accidents, and bitten ankles, wet and chewed slippers seemed things too aggravating to accept adjusting to.


Moto has been quiet the last few nights. No messes in the morning. He knows what NO means. He understands what Chevy means when he curls his lip. Well Chewy still has not established his dominance and since he is little, he will always need me to stress that point! But tonight, I am feeling very encouraged about the new puppy part of our days.

Today we spent all afternoon outdoors, clearing away trees so that we can see the lake easier. It's been since 1986 when the Miller's Reach fire went through here burning everything to the ground that our trees have been trying to get big. I never wanted to take down any trees after living without trees so long - until today.

It was a beautiful day and I definitely felt that Moto was becoming one of the bunch!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Can You Imagine - Noah!

Noah's Ark Replica Image.

I have three dogs, and I get overwhelmed when my puppy won't respect my clean home! ha Imagine Noah, as I have! Thanks to (my other Texas friend) - Sandi for sharing this weblink. Welcome to the homepage of Noah’s Ark, build in Schagen, the Netherlands!

I was impressed with the replica of Noah's ark where one can now visit and imagine what it was like to be the caretakers of all animals created in the world! Can you imagine... worrying about these animals getting sick and dying, when they were the only pair (some more than a pair) left after the flood? ha

He sees it as his task to bring the Bible story back to people's attention through the Ark replica. I want to let visitors visualize what the Ark looked like to bring the account closer to those who believe but also to those who don't.
My job with my own doggies has seemingly become a picnic for me after seeing this website and thinking of caring for so many animals at once! I just had to share! See more photos of the handmade ark.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Consider Yourself Spared

I thought of doing a video or photo display of what I woke up to early this morning with our (notice he's now 'our', not 'my') new family member.. but decided to spare you the details! Aren't I nice?

Let's just say that I've thought (repeatedly) of tying Moto up at the top of a tree just to see what the eagles thought about him as in deliciously... hehehe

So now you know my ugly heart.

Once when I was a young lady I heard someone preach on the story of God and Moses, sorry but right now I can't "give credit where credit is due." Anyway, whenever the people did good things God called them "My People," when they were horrid He told Moses, "your people." Does that not make you smile, even laugh?

Need to read that story again.

BTW, the loons are still loving their little one and we are all relieved!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Why O Why O Why?

I already have two dogs, one inside dog and one outside dog... "whatever possessed me?" I found myself wondering at three thirty this morning. He had been yelping and scratching and making himself a major nuisance. He not only did that, he went pee and poop not in just one place but MANY! I worried that he was bothering Mom so I got up and told him this was not good behavior for one that was so new to the family.

Why do people love puppies? What makes us willing to put up with such discomfort?






He is a mutt (like me). Sharpei, Rottweiller, Husky and Blue Tick Heeler. I wonder who he's going to end up looking like! I hope he gets his Mom's trait of not shedding (Sharpei), I hope he gets the Rottweiller look, but with the family dog trait of the Blue Tick Heeler, and definitely no Husky fur!!!! His previous owner claimed that both his Momma and Daddy dogs were excellent family dogs.

Right now "Moto" is learning my tone of voice. I have tried to raise our dogs using Barbara Woodhouse's recommendations for "no bad dogs" in her book "No Bad Dogs, The Woodhouse Way." I use the choke collar. Right now Moto is wearing a choke collar to get used to it and I am getting worn out cleaning up after him! He is not as clean as my Shih-tzu Chewy was when he was a puppy. Chewy never messed on his blanket, but it appears that Moto has no qualms whatsoever of peeing on his! I can see right now that the next few months are going to be a challenge!

Doug? Maybe we should buy stock in toilet paper!

I am looking a head to a happy future with our newest addition to our family - welcome little Moto!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

I'm Longing For Jesus, Alaska Freedom Band

Alaska's traveling worship team. I've decided that is the best description of the band that Doug plays his bass guitar for. It consists of my oldest brother Don, a high school friend named Steve, my brother-in-law Adam (Millie's husband) and my own Dougie. My other brother Toby used to sing with them but does not now, maybe in time he will be able to sing with them again.

AFB practices every week after working. When they get invited, they will travel to villages and towns where they will perform as a worship team for the weekend. They usually sing as a group but also do solo's and duets. Many times AFB will involve the church members that they are visiting so that not only are the isolated Christian's refreshed, but so are the guys!

I've traveled with the bunch before to different places like Homer, Iliamna, Pedro Bay, Huslia, Egegik, Naknek. One place AFB is sure to sing is at the fairly new gospel music event held in the MatSu Valley - Howling Huskies Gospel Festival (coming up in August). I've sang with them and with Doug. If I must say so myself... AFB is popular with the Native people's of Alaska! They are! Most Native's of Alaska love country gospel!

Via a good friend AFB was able to record a CD. He brought over his portable recording equipment one day and they recorded a casual disc full of music. I took one of my own favorite songs and added some of my own video and photos to it to create this video.

I hope you listen but mostly, I hope that you ENJOY it! I worked long time on it!

The video I took of the new baby loon here at Twin Lake, the first baby loon we've seen in a few years! The local eagle is trying every day, many times a day to steal this little one away! A few days ago while my granddaughters were with me we were on the back deck hollering at the eagle, GO AWAY! GO AWAY! He was bound and determined to eat loon for din-din! We were so relieved when we saw my son Klint come zooming out as fast as he could in our paddle boat to chase away the eagle! Saved for another day. The rest of the video is of the resident muskrat... he is not so beautiful, but he is cute! He was peeking at Doug and I behind the lily pads! I've seen those darn eagles carry off muskrats from the lake too! Life in nature is HARD on animals!

Bookmark Alaska Freedom Band's YouTube account that I just created for them and also check out their Alaska Freedom Band's MySpace to hear a few more songs from that CD.

Monday, July 14, 2008

"Footey, Amen!"

"Footey!!! Did you do that?"

We would say that when we smelled something stinky. We heard it a lot after Mom made a big pot of yummi bean soup!

I laughed when I showed Mom the book I had just recieved from our Native Corporation and she said, "Eeee!" Then she laughed when I asked her what "giinaquq meant. She said well they would say that when they could not figure out who someone was and it meant like, "Who the heck is that?"

"Two Journeys, A Companion to the Giinaquq: Like A Face Exhibition" is a beautiful book and is a supplement to the now showing display of masks at the Alutiiq Museum and Archaeological Repository in Kodiak, Alaska. The masks that originally came from Kodiak Island and were taken by a French explorer - way back when (Read PDF file). Actually, it is amazing that these items are still around surviving all that traveling - even warfare.

My Dad spoke of a time when a guy came to their village (Eagle Harbor), spent time with the people and became one with them. Living among them, eating the food they ate, learning and doing all the things our people did. Our people liked him and trusted him, "just like he was one of us." One morning after a long spell of drunkeness, the whole village slept while every piece of their handed down past was stolen from a special ceremonial barabara which held only all those things. The villagers woke up and looked for this guy - but he was gone. Where could he be? Then they found that all the items they used for their celebrations and ceremonies were gone. "Yah, they used those things for celebrating a boys first-time successful hunt for seal or bear too; like those times," Mom shared.

In late prehistoric times, Alutiiq people lived in sod houses, known as ciqluaq (barabara in Russian). These dwellings were built partially underground and had a driftwood frame, plank walls covered with sod and a thatched roof. These warm, insulated homes provided protection against Kodiak’s wet, windy weather. On average, a ciqluaq accommodated about eighteen residents; which generally consisted of related families. There was a center room connected by low openings to private side chambers used for sleeping, storage, and steam bathing (maqiq in Alutiiq or banya in Russian). OLD HARBOR NATIVE CORPORATION

Of course I can't know who this guy was from Dad's story, but I have thought of his story many times since reading of the Alutiiq (many of my relatives) finding our lost (?) heritage. Finding all this Alutiiq stuff over in France, of all places, one can only wonder.

I told Mom about what Will Anderson, President of Koniag, Incorporated wrote in the Foreword of this book -

"Growing up in Kodiak in the 1960s, I sometimes found myself in one of the downtown gift shops that catered to the tourist market. The shops sold curios, postcards, t-shirts, and the occasional mask or paddled that appeared to be hand crafted by an Alaska native. Since Kodiak Island is predominately Alutiiq, it was always puzzling to me that the only native artwork sold in the local shops were of Tlingit design. Why was there no artwork from our own history and culture?"
I asked Mom, "Why isn't there anything from our culture?" She thought a while then said that she thinks that the people on Kodiak were so freed from their bondage to their old ways that they gave it all up just as the priests of the Russian Orthodox Church said they should do. She said when others would try to speak of those "voodoo-like" things they were discouraged. She said her oldest sister Sasha would quickly say, "Footey, Amen!" when she heard people talk of the scary old ways.

Dad told me of how other villagers would come to their village for dances. A big fire was built on the beach and as each visitor got out of their kayaks they would have to jump over the fire before coming into their village. This was common practice when people traveled from village to village. Dad said it was so that their own old spirits would stay over there and not come and bother them too in their village. Dad said that when the priests began to come to the villages, the people would hollar out as he walked past - there was so much power from God over those dark spirits, even in their shadows.

Remember that!

One day while on Maui in Hawaii, I went to a big international art show under the banyan tree. I walked slowly and quietly, enjoying artwork from different places. A vendor stopped me to ask if I was from a Native American culture. I said I had an Alutiiq heritage. I asked him why. He said, I sensed a strong presence when you stepped on the grounds here, I've been watching you approach. I thought that was strange because there is nothing special about me. There were so many people there why did he single me out? He continued to tell me that he had just returned from a big celebration of the culture of the native peoples of America on the mainland. He said that he could sense that I came from an old culture. (Don't we all!?)

The spiritual world is an unseen world of great powers that most of us don't understand, or appreciate their daily influence. The Bible speaks of it. I prayed that the spirit this man felt was the Holy Spirit! I pray that I do not keep any other lesser spirits comfortable remaining in my life. I've heard that spirits follow family lines (this is how one can "hear" a dead relative speak through a medium). I have renounced all spirits that were strong in my family/heritage. Keep out of my life, I now follow after God through the power of the shed blood of Jesus Christ.

Whispers grew strong and loud and my heart would pound as I hurried to be with other people rather than all alone. I hated those times because my heart would fill with incredible, crippling fear. I was silent and told no one. No one else could hear them, and I believed I would be considered crazy. I remained a fearfully controlled person for years, even after kneeling down and accepting Christ Jesus into my life, my heart, my thoughts!

One day during my first year away at the Bible boarding school I was in my dorm room alone when again the whispers started. First quietly, then louder than I had ever heard. I ran from my room and down the hallway to my dorm parents apartment. I pushed open their door. "I hear voices!" Carol was there and she got up quickly then questioned me about why I was so afraid. I frantically told her about the whispers. She was so spiritually wise. She took me to her bedside, knelt down and prayed with her arm around my shoulders. She told me it was spiritual, and that everytime I felt this I should kneel down and pray for deliverance. "Claim the powerful blood of Jesus Christ over this," she said. "God is able to deliver." I did and I was freed from fear! (Occasionally this fear tries to return and I pray.) We read Psalm 139 together. So much power over evil has been gained for us through Jesus Christ's defeat of the evil one! I am thankful to live without fear, just as my ancestors were in Eagle Harbor, and Kodiak Island when the priests shared the Gospel with them.

"When we got to Boulogne, I wasn't expecting that feeling I got. Like there was a presence there. It totally floored me. I was not ready for it. It sent chills up my spine. Something was there, I can't explain it. It felt like somebody or something was there, and it or they were happy we were there. Gary Knagin, Two Journeys, A Companion to the Giinaquq: Like a Face Exhibition.
So it is with mixed feelings that I read about these masks from the Alutiiq's past. It was a voodoo type way, Mom said. They would make little carvings and stick hair or something from a person they wanted to torment, and they would. They could hang this little carving in a tree or someplace, and the cold wind would blow on it and the person would feel that.

I can understand why our people want to revive/find things from the past, it gives one pride in the people that they are. But I worry that they are digging up things our people put aside too - to be rid of their great fears when they gratefully accepted Christianity when it first came to their villages on Kodiak Island.

This is not Christianity against our culture, it is Christianity's power to release our people from the bondages of great spiritual fears and spirits. It is sad that so many tribes and peoples of the world are in great bondage to the ruler of this world through fear when they could have freedom through Christ Jesus. Freedom through Christ for the Alutiiq, and for all who will believe the Gospel. Fear has no strength against Christ. If Christ is for us... who can stand against us?

Incredible! I am thankful.