Sunday, June 08, 2008

Our Cold Alaskan Spring/Summer

Summer is slow to show up here. Tonight was the first time the air actually felt warm without the sun shining down to help. It was a pleasant thing to realize when my daughter Kim said, "It's warm!"

Of course our warm is not warm warm. Not the warm I felt when I traveled to Tennessee and it was warm from the top of my head clear down to my toes! But I do realize I am in Alaska. I get no sympathy from online friends... "Well why don't you just move down south?"

Not easy as all that!

This coming week my husbands parents will be visiting. I hope it warms up enough for them to at least be comfortable... they are from FLORIDA!

Oh dear.


Anonymous said...

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Constance said...

If they're coming up from Florida, they might enjoy your idea of warm! Ha ha! I know I would. We're mid 90's again this whole week and it's only June! BLECH, I despise Texas summer heat! The only thing good about it is if we head off to Utah on vacation, hiking is a breeze for me because the heat doesn't bother me as bad and there's viritually no humidity! Of course, we're not going to Utah this summer. We're heading to Ontario the first of August and then Dave & I are going 2 weeks in September to Yellowstone and Glacier NP! Have a blessed week!

Your BBF


Here in my part of Texas, It has been very warm. The tempertures are ranging somewhere in the ninty's for the last two weeks. Not too bad yet because we have the gulf breezes always.

Hope you have a really good time with your husband's parents. Have a great week. connie from Texas

Faith said...

I'll take your temps right about now...our central air has been on since Sat afternoon..I dread the power bill!
We are in a very weird heat isn't like this until mid august usually here in this part of NYS....supposed to break tonite...I am praying the storm waits until I am home from ballet class and my hubby is home from his softball game..although that might be cancelled due to the oppressive heat and humidity. Some schools closed early today because of it! (not ours)

Tammy said...

Down here in Oregon we've had such a cold's been like 20 degrees colder than average! Brrr...

I love the photo on the boat...


Proud mommy of four said...

It may be colder where you live but the beauty of your landscape is so much nicer than any of ours. Those mountains!
I am fine until we get 95' D F and higher. YUCK!

Jettie said...

I feel it!! Same here cold windy and raining!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kids are going nuts Iam running outta things for them to do it's been 2 weeks of rain!! But Iam thankful we are not having to leave our some have becuse of the flooding ...Iowa has not fared so well.

Farrah said...

We are in Washington, but it's been slow coming here, too. I hope your in-laws didn't freeze!