Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Good Works

I don't usually watch TBN but this morning I did watch some Christian programs on that Network. Franklin Graham was on a show with Jan Crouch, the wife of Paul Crouch who is the man behind the business. Jan can be very captivating because of how she applies her make-up! I don't mean to be mean or hurtful when I say that. I don't know anyone in my own life that wears as much make-up or does their hair up so big as she does! I don't agree with the way the Gospel is presented on many of the programs on TBN - (godliness leads to prosperity). But I did enjoy listening to Franklin Graham share of all the things the Billy Graham organization is involved in.

Anyway, I have never really been impressed with Billy Graham's son Franklin through all the years. I previously knew that he had lived on the reckless side of life and I believe it was those stories that have always clouded my impression of him. Now he is the President of the organization that began with his Dad. Franklin said, "You know what being president means I get to do? All the things that my Dad does not want to do." Today, I watched as he shared his heart for helping others. Franklin coordinates so many good works via the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, including the disaster relief program Samaritan Purse, which he claims was the only one allowed into Myanmar (Burma) at the start. I don't know if Myanmar is as restricted to outside help as it was immediately after the cyclone. Samaritan's Purse has a Blog from the Field! Interesting way to keep up with their work that is being done in the world. Great photographs too.

Jan prodded Franklin to share how he became a Christian (He didn't need much prodding since he appears anxious to share the grace of God in his own life). He told of how many people just assumed that he was a Christian, being the son of Billy and Ruth Graham. He said he had always believed in Jesus Christ, but never wanted Him to be Lord in his life, instead he wanted to be in charge of himself. One day his Dad said to him, "Franklin, your Mom and I love you." Franklin nodded. "Franklin you will always have an open door at our home." Franklin knew that. Then his Dad took him by the arm and said, "Franklin I sense that there is a struggle in your life for your soul. You must make a decision, there is no middle ground to following Christ." Franklin said he knew that and he became angry at his Dad for saying that. He said their conversation that day was always was on his mind until one night he got out of bed and prayed that Jesus Christ would be Lord of his life. The rest of his life points to evidences of the wonderful change the unrestrained Holy Spirit works in his life and those around him today.

God is so gentle with us, He never busts into our lives, yet He is always there and deep down inside - we know His presence, whether or not we believe or allow Him to be the influence that changes our daily lives for good.


Farrah said...

I think your thoughts on this are good. I've never been interested in famous religious groups such as the Grahams, so I don't know much about them. I know that Jesus is wonderful!


I don't know much about Franklin Graham but if his testimony is true it is a great one. I know that God is no respecter of persons and we all have to accept are reject Christ for ourselves. Our parents nor anyone else can do it for us. Have a great day, connie. connie from Texas

Constance said...

I have always had such great respect for the Graham family. It was at a Billy Graham Crusade at the age of 9 that I first heard the Gospel message of salvation and ran down to the front to give my life to Christ. Of course being good Catholics like we were, my mother ran down behind me and politley told the people who were there to pray for folks that
"It's okay, we have a church we already belong to". She didn't get it but she did many years later. smile. It makes me wonder if that gentleman prayed for me to one day be in a position to make that decision without any well-meaning interference? Maybe in heaven he'll be one of the unseen people that I get to thank!

I had heard Franklin's Graham's testimony many years ago. I think sometimes, God is taken for granted by children who grow up immersed in the culture. For some, those who have had to overcome and struggle, their beliefs tend to be less taken for granted. I see it all the time and even in my own kids. It HAS to become real for themselves.

My oldest daughter belongs to a "Name it & claim it" type church. I don't agree wth everything they believe but I admit that their church has been great for them as a couple and as a family. It just doesn't appeal to me. I am comfortable in Charasmatic churches just not in those who profess that God wants all of his children driving a cadillac and that they should never struggle (in anything).


Faith said...

I have been a faithful "fan" (for lack of a better word) of Billy and Ruth Graham for years. I loved it when the BGA came to our Albany area.
Thanks for sharing all this about Franklin. As a family we support Samaritan's Purse and Operation xmas child...our church is very involved in those ministries as well. Franklin is a modern day prodigal son story!!

Enjoy your day!