Friday, June 27, 2008

Check out Marie's Blog

Marie has created a great slideshow of our visit with Doug's folks, or Jan and John, or Mom and Dad, or Gramma and Gramppa, or Yaya and Opa.

Thanks for sharing your photos Marie, they are always so good!

Our family definitely is not perfect, but her great photos make us look pretty close to it. ha


mrsjojo said...

I enjoyed the photo slide show that Marie did. She is a wonderful photographer. She has a lot of beautiful subjects to photograph. I really enjoyed the photos with the irises. It was good to see Mr and Mrs Van in the photos. Would of been nice to be able to see them. But I think I need to be around here to be able to do that. :) I think I will be staying put for awhile. My newest grandbaby and his parents will be here in 2 weeks!! YEAH!!

Mam said...

It was fun seeing your family and all together and so happy. You are blessed.