Monday, June 23, 2008

Banner of Love

Here is a video I watched at GodTube. Kelsey, a miracle baby. A beautiful baby with a beautiful praise for God's power to heal, protect, and give life.

Our visit with Doug's folks was as we thought it would be, short and too fast. Alaska's sunshine came out enough to enjoy the outdoors with them. We had fun family times together and will miss being able to see them each day. Please pray for their safety as they return to Florida. The sun left and it began to rain when it was time to drive them to Anchorage to catch their plane. On our ride home afterwards, the clouds had lifted off of the mountain tops and there we saw new snow!

I left the photo taking up to Marie while we spent time with Jan and John. So, when she puts up pictures from their visit I will encourage you to stop by her blog. (Thanks Marie!).

I never have said much of Doug's folks here on my blog so I would like to take the time now to personally honor them.

First of all they are loving parents to Doug, as a result I stand under that umbrella of care and love too.

"Lord, your love is a banner over us."

Doug's folks came to Alaska as missionaries and worked in Cantwell before Doug was born (55+ years ago.) Doug spent his young growing up years in Cantwell. The people from that area became part of their daily lives and continue to be thought of and prayed for to this day.

The Cantwell River was the former name of the Nenana River. The earliest inhabitants of the area were nomadic Indians who trapped, hunted and fished throughout Interior Alaska. Cantwell began as a flag stop on the Alaska Railroad. Oley Nicklie was the first Indian to settle here. When fur prices dropped, he and his two brothers sought work with the railroad. ALASKA TOUR & TRAVEL

I am thankful for the brother and sister in Christ that John and Jan are to me - that is what I have become to value most since I was 'born' into their lives via Doug and my relationship almost thirty-five years ago (September). Yes, becoming Doug's wife was not much different than a new birth - created and sustained by God throughout all these years. I am thankful for the love, care and friendship John and Jan have displayed towards me through out our married lives.

They enjoyed seeing again the two clans that have continued their name up here in Alaska, Doug's bunch and also Mark's. John and Jan left the mission and began a new living in Florida after John began having physical problems with the cold brought on by severe sugar diabetes shortly after Doug and I and Mark and Karen were married.

It was so good to see them again even if it was a short time. We hope to travel out to Florida sometime, and hopefully soon.

John and Jan, may your trip home be ... uneventful and filled with enough snacks to sustain you! And that's a big hope for traveling via any airlines now-a-days! Thanks for coming to visit your Alaskan clan!


Mam said...

Hi, Connie Marie. I haven't been visiting around as much as I used to so I was glad to see you had stopped by. I really enjoyed this post. I didn't know Doug had roots up there on the Nenana River. I'm glad to hear that all is well with you.


Constance said...

Tht video of little Kelsey had me praising God for sure! What an awesome God we serve, He delights in the seemingly impossible!

It sounds like you had a wonderful visit with your in-laws and that you have a great relationship with them. Family is so important!

Dave's parents are a bit eccentric and very different from my own. Still, because they are his parents I honor them and respect them. In spite of their quirks, they raised the man that I love so very much!

My MIL has been gone almost 2 years now already. We have no doubt that she is with the Lord. Dave's dad however, is turning 82 and has been mad at God since he was 18 when he watched his mother suffer and die from cancer. From what I can observe, he doesn't have a relationship with the Lord and I believe he is afraid to die. I am praying that God gives Dave the opportunity to witness to his father before it's too late! Rather, Dave might just have to be blunt and push that door open himself. Family is often the most difficult to speak to about where they're spending eternity.


Faith said...

What a video!
We serve a Mighty God!

I enjoyed reading all this about your hubby and his family...
Enjoy your week.
My daughter, the 9 year old, is wondering if it ever gets to 80 degrees in Alaska during the summer. I told her I would ask you rather than googling the info!


Farrah said...

Praise the Lord!


I really enjoyed reading your thoughts and feeling about your husband folks. I feel it made me know you a little better.

I pray that they got home safely and that you will get to see them again soon. connie from Texas