Thursday, May 08, 2008

Somebody's Got The Gimmies

And it ain't the Bearenstain Bears! (The Bearenstain Bears Get The Gimmies)

My sons Klint and Kris have been working on the shop down the hill - putting up siding. It looks so nice already. Klint is very meticulous when he does his work and things are sure looking good.

When Klint went to pick up the siding the weight of it was too much for his pickup so he called Dad with his dually to come and get it. Yesterday, Doug had to return the trailer to the owner and while out he had to fuel up his dually.

He came in and asked me, "Guess how much I just had to pay to fill up?"

I was being extravagant when I guessed .... "$98.00?"


Oh my word.

This morning I watched KTUU's morning news there was Don Young saying the people should be taxed $1.00 a gallon for gas to force us to change our cars, our driving style. I don't agree with that, I do think that we should open up ANWR. Why not? The caribou don't care.

Mr. Young, we are already trying to cope with high gas prices, and high rice prices too!

We knew it was coming, didn't we?


Lady Vankovic said...

Hey connie... i have a question... I so badly want to see an aurora... when do they happen most frequently.. Youre so lucky.. I so badly wanna see one.. its so beautiful...

Marie VW said...

$140!!! Holy!

I can't believe Don Young of all representatives wants this. So I guess this doesn't apply to heating fuel? sheesh. I guess it's time for a new representative if he thinks he's representing us well by proposing that.

The shop looks great!!

DeLong House said...

Hi Mom,
I am sick. My head hurts, my body hurts, my throat is very sore, my sinuses are stuffy and runny, I have excessive flem, .....ugh..
I have been just taking it easy today. I was supposed to drive into Anchorage to meet with a client today and Chris went for me. Such a sweety. He is getting pretty good at talking wedding stuff. :)
Raegan likes the picture of herself on your blog. I think she wants to see you. She is saying hi to your picture profile. so cute!
I need to post something on my blog don't I? Tomorrow is Tucker's first baseball practice so I should have some good pic's from that. Love you!

e-Mom said...

My oh my. $140? That's outrageous. :~D

But I guess we all make choices. (Some buy expensive tickets to ballgames, others put their money into their landscaping.) Why not buy gas, if you want to?

I have a little award waiting for you, when you have a free minute.

Have a blessed Mother's Day!


e-Mom said...

P.S. Thanks for the heads up on my slow-loading pages.

I've been having trouble leaving comments on blogs all morning. I just checked with Blogger Status and they say it's a problem at their end. Phew!


Constance said...

This past Monday I had a new tire put on the Conversion van (vacation vehicle), that was $160. Then, I went and filled up the van, the pump automatically shut off when it hit $100. I probably could've started another transaction and put a couple of more dollars in it but it was full enough for me. The last time I filled it was around Christmastime. On Thursday, we picked it up from the garage where we had the A/C fixed, another $500. MAN! I need to go pull a few more dollars off the money tree out in the back yard!

As far as paying an extra $1 per gallon, I hope that voters remember that guy when he wants to be re-elected! That would penalize hard-working blue collar workers and they have been hurt enough already with increased gas prices! Would they make exceptions for vehicles with commercial tags rather than the "soccer moms?" Sounds like some self-righteous type, he ain't winning no popularity contests that's for sure!

MammyT said...

Connie Marie! You aren't kidding they need to tell you when they are having a "controlled explosion". It was probably avalance control, don't you think? Seems like they could warn you even that they "might" need to do it.
Don Young has been up in Washington for an awful long time. Maybe it's time for someone new.
Too many "greenies" up there stirring up the natives. They just got another possible source vetoed today, I heard. I'm for ANWR all the way. We can see what the pipeline has done after all these years. The animals like it!