Saturday, May 10, 2008


Yesterday I was so busy. I was preparing to have my daughter Kim and her family over for dinner all day. I made Kalua Pua'a, scalloped potatoes, green bean casserole, green salad. I also baked molasses cookies, which Tony really enjoys.

It was a beautiful sunny day so for Doug's day off (he works flex weeks) we decided to eat lunch together lakeside. I ended up sneaking around the end of the swamp trying to find where the ducks, or loons are nesting while Doug napped in the sun. NOTHING. I thought I might find where the big, chubby muskrat is living too, but nothing. I did find a last years bird nest though, and I scared off a pair of mallards.

Kim and Tony and their three kids came, we had a very nice dinner and evening together. When they got ready to leave I asked that Alexis could spend the night, Ashlee was heartbroken so I said she could stay too. Ashlee and I worked the jigsaw puzzle and then Doug asks, "You want to watch your movies?" My movies - "Keeping Up Appearances." Okay, so we all got settled in to watch "Hyacinth."

Suddenly there was a BIG EXPLOSION! Our windows rattled, the floor shook, the t.v. wobbled, and my heart about jumped out of my chest! "WHAT WAS THAT?" Doug ran outside to make sure everything was okay. We called Klint, we called Kris. They asked, "WHAT WAS THAT?" We didn't know so I called the State Troopers, she replied and asked, "It was a controlled explosion, are you okay Mam'?"

I've never heard of a controlled explosion. I googled it, and there is a lot out there about them. First impressions? Shouldn't they warn local people that this is going to happen? Especially after 10 PM???



The meal sounded great. Boy, I am glad you are alright. It would have probably scared me to death. We live around all these chemical plants. Have a happy day tomorrow. connie from Texas

Constance said...

So what were they controlling? An avalanche or something? You're right some kind of PSA would have been a nice courtesy!

Faith said...

YOur dinner sounds so good!
And what in the world were they controlling up there???

e-Mom said...

It sounds like you had a delicious pre-Mother's Day. But Wow, what a surprise ending!

I always enjoyed "Keeping Up Appearances." That Hyacinth is a hoot! :~D