Saturday, May 31, 2008


Tomorrow Klint will be motocross racing. Doug and I plan to be there with him and Calli. This is Klint and Calli's RV. Klint had the decals made for it. I thought they looked pretty cool, especially the Galatians 5:14! To keep up with them and their racing visit VE Racing.

Hope you all have a very good Sunday.


Lady Vankovic said...

connie, church cell is like a bible study/support group that some churches have especially the gospel churches in malaysia like mine. Its like when you get together and worshi p god, grow in the word support each other.

Constance said...

Hey there BBF! I feel like we've been strangers lately! You've been busy enjoying your family and I have been well...busy too. Just ho-hum everyday stuff! I like their trailer and the scripture is a great touch!

Mam and Lizi said...

That looks like fun. Was that you in all the "gown" photos?
Thanks for tagging me for the 6 things. I'll do it tonight. Who was that strange person at the post office. Summer? We are having high, end-of-summer type temps this week. Very hot. Very humid. I Love It!
Hope all is well.