Saturday, April 05, 2008

Tired Fingers

Today I worked on my first basket ever! I worked on it, I didn't finish it. It was actually quite a large project for a first time effort. Hard work, but so much fun! I now appreciate the hard work of basket weavers!

My fingers are extremely sore. Since I could not sit and work on the basket, I stood all day, now my legs hurt! We had a beautiful ride to Trappers Creek, in spring snow. I need to get the name of the Bed and Breakfast that the class was held at because I want to give credit to the lady that brought coffee and her cookies were incredibly good!

Jill Choate is a very good instructor and she made certain that we all were past a certain point before she ended her class and went home for the day. The remaining work we (Marie, Karla, Calli and myself) plan to do soon. I want to finish it.

My basket is not turning out exactly like Jill's, but it has me in it. I could see that in the rest of the basket weavers work too. Marie was the speediest weaver of the day, and this was her first basket too. One of the ladies said, "Well - she just must not have any friends to talk to!" (She did, but we don't talk much either, ha!)

I have pictures and will share those soon, I don't have the strength to get back downstairs and climb back up again. I am up here for the night, and will soon be cutting some zzzz's too!


MammyT said...

I was wondering about your basket weaving. You mentioned the class and I couldn't recall when it was. I hope you have pictures of the process. I'd love to see how you are doing it. I used to make a lot of baskets. I only have one or two in my possession and one of them is my first ever. It is so strong and beautiful - even if it is crooked! It was made in the early seventies, so I guess that makes it some kind of an antique. Like me. :)

e-Mom said...

I can hardly wait to see the results of your hard weaving work.
Exciting! :~D

MammyT said...

I finally mailed off your *prize* today! They said 3 days, so let me know.

Connie Marie said...

Finally, I posted some pictures. Nancy, I am excited to be getting something from you! My first ever prize I've won from blogging. What fun! I will sure let you know when I recieve it, and THANK YOU SO MUCH! Whatever it is I know it will be something I will enjoy for a long time.

Jettie said...

after seeing your pics its no wonder they hurt!!!!!!!!!!!!