Thursday, April 17, 2008

Karla Is Blogging!

Our Twin B, the name the nurses gave to her and she had for a few days after being born, because we had only decided on one boys name (Travis John) and one girls name (Karolyn Marie) for our twins. I found out I was having twins when I was eight months pregnant with my first pregnancy! By X-ray! Things have come a long way in the OB world since I was lumbering along with those two!

Anyway, check out my daughter Karla's blog. She has three handsome boys and one cutest, little, sweet, every thing's pink, girl tagging along at the end of the line.

Visit Karla.

I was trying to change my blog look today - only got this far - a background, and I don't know that I like it so far.


Marie VW said...

aww. I like your chickadees.

Connie Marie said...

Tell me, is the new look hard to look at? Is it too bright? Is the font too light? Or am I feeling like a mole that just poked it's head out and the sun is shining brightly?

DeLong House said...

I like the chickadees too. Very Alaskan springtime looking. I like the pictures you put up! Wow, you are so good at all the embellishment stuff. I think it is a rarity for someone to be so technically and creatively gifted!

e-Mom said...

So you had twins, eh? I so admire you Moms of twins.

Hooray for Karla and her new blog. Lol, I see she's a colon too! Funny... :~D