Saturday, April 26, 2008

It's A Cold World

I went shopping with Marie and Alexis and we stopped by Annabel's Books in Wasilla. I found several new books and one of them was by Dr. James Dobson, Coming Home, Timeless Wisdom For Families. It was printed in 1998, so the story I am sharing is ten years out of date, but I've never heard it before. "Fresh Graves." Read what James Dobson wrote.

I've recently become aware of an outrageous and tragic situation occurring in Brazil and other Latin American countries. It concerns the plight of unwanted street children who are suffering unthinkable abuse.

It's been estimated that in Brazil alone, between 6 and 10 million kids live on the streets with no adult supervision. They have no families and no means of support, so they form lawless packs, begging and stealing for food during the day, then huddling together for warmth at night. Prostitution, crime, and disease are their way of life. Some of them actually live in sewers like rats. Roughly two-thirds of the young girls either commit suicide or are murdered before their eighteenth birthday.

The police look on these children as vermin to be exterminated. Unbelievably, they shoot them to clean up the city. A recent news story revealed that approximately three children per day are hunted down and killed on the streets of Rio De Janeiro. A few years ago when the Earth Summit was held in that city, large numbers of homeless children were rounded up and murdered before the dignitaries arrived. CNN televised row upon row of fresh little graves, where the children were buried.

I wonder sometimes if the world is any more civilized now than it was sixty years ago when the Nazis began gassing their victims. It's time for us to speak out against this brutality and to support humanitarian organizations that can help.

How can we do less?

Read more from Google.

Please pray for our exploited children in this world today, and may God help us to know how to help them. When reading about all that goes on in this cold world it can be overwhelming. I did a search for Christian organizations that help homeless children and there are many. If you are led to help please do a search, and study how much goes towards the actual child care, then contribute to organizations you trust will help and support our homeless world today.

Here are some links to sites that help the homeless. I have not read how much of their contributions go towards this ministry, but you can! We should be aware of what our money is actually doing when we send contributions. Most charities are helpful when we ask questions.

Homeless Children International
World Vision
Stand Up For Kids

Friday we had snow falling all day! Anchorage has more snow than we do (twelve to twenty inches to our five to six inches). Even if it's pretty, it's not welcome by most when it's supposed to be spring already!

The swans are flying over looking for places to rest; the cranes are landing in the the snowy fields; the chickadees are back looking for more seeds; and the bird houses look closed up for winter today! This late snow might be causing some home-finding troubles for our visiting birds.

Wise words from the wisest man:
"When the righteous rejoice, there is great glory; but when the wicked arise, men hide themselves." Proverbs 28:12
"He who gives to the poor will not lack, but he who hides his eyes will have many curses.
When the wicked arise, men hide themselves; but when they perish, the righteous increase."
Proverbs 28:27,28


DeLong House said...

That is terrible! I have heard about how in some countries the young kids do make gangs so that they have some kind of protection and support. I wish we could just go there grab some kids and bring them home. Poor babies.

MammyT said...

Thank you Connie Marie. I know there are situations like this in many places, consider the "dump children" in Mexico for example. It is too much for our minds to take in when we live in such a different environment. I know we can't reach them all, but we must try to do something, I agree.

Thanks for pointing our the need to examine the charities to see how much actually goes to the children. Some of these "benevolent organization" seem to be very expensive to administer, with most of the donations paying the people in the office.

Now as to how I met a Kodiak Island man, I moved from Ohio to Anchorage in the early 70's, where mutual friends of mine introduced him to me once when he was "blowing through". It didn't take long for me to fall in love with him! He is a gem. Did you ever find out if your brothers remember him? He is 65 years old, so I don't know who in your family would be in his generation. they all called him "Ronnie" Torsen back there. (His village corporation dividends still come in that name!)

Faith said...

THanks for all this info.
There is an awful lot of abuse of our world's children isn't there? One ministry we are currently supporting is Justice for Children now known as Love146. It is trying to rescue girls from Thailand, etc. from the sex trafficking ring. This goes on here too in the USA! Love your new look!

e-Mom said...

Gosh, that story by James Dobson is just horrible. I had no idea. I wonder what the situation is like today. I'll have to do some checking. Thanks!

DeLong House said...

The kids and I had such a nice time visiting you yesterday! Gunner said he wants to go to Gramma's house and play games with Gramma again today. Tucker said me too! We probably better stay home though, I think Raegan has some kind of virus or something. She has little red bumps all over her tummy and that diaper rash. I think they may be related, not sure. Thanks for the yummy cookies! Love you Mom. :)

Constance said...

Today at church our Pastor had a message for us before tithe & offering time. It showed him on his recent trip to Dubai, India where he was on a Missions trip. Our church has a family that we have joined in support with, they dig wells and work alongside local Pastors spreading the Good News of Jesus. The little boy on his knee was so sweet! He had this beautiful dark skin and infectious smile. To think that our church helps to support this little boy and his brother (they are orphans) through the local Pastor and his school was so overwhelming! Meeting Spiritual, emotional, physical and educational needs. To hear this little boy say in his "English" that he loves Jesus and Jesus loves him just made me weep! So many times we think we can do nothing because the needs are so overwhelming. But if eeryone does something, no matter how small, it can change lives!

Ashley Ladd said...

This is so sad and tragic.

I work for a Christian ministry/charitable organization that helps the destitute poor of the Caribbean and Latin America. As far as I know the governments in the countries where we serve haven't shot any of the poor.

I recall my boss saying years ago, that he was scared of something happening like you described in Brazil. I think it had happened in other countries and he/we were/are trying hard to help the poor to help themselves so this won't happen. Or in the case of orphans, we help many orphanages and actually run two, one for boys and one for girls.

MammyT said...

Yep, you found Wee Clownie! I changed her position slightly so it was clear where she belonged. Looked fine on mine, but you never know if someone else is seeing it a bit differently.
Thanks for letting me know.

Jettie said...

OOHH it is so sad. unbeleivable!!!!