Thursday, April 10, 2008

It Was PAST That Time

In order to continue my high blood pressure medications my care giver asked that I come in for a medical exam. So I scheduled a clinical visit, including blood work and a breast exam. Everything looks good!

As I was leaving she asked when my last mammogram was taken. I stopped. Oh! I have no idea how long ago that I was in the horrid machine. At that time I thought I should never like to do that again! As I stood there, clamped down and getting radiated, I had prayed that I would not be forgotten if we should have an earthquake!

"I believe - I was ---40 when I had my first and only mammogram!" I said. Plainly I could see that she was disappointed in my long-time neglect. Tomorrow I will be having my second mammogram (thirteen years later).

I am not a firm believer in yearly mammograms, believing the exposure to radiation to be worse than neglecting these tests to at least ten years apart. I callously told her, "If I get a lump, I will hurry in and have it removed." She was saddened and said, "Oh that just about makes me wanna cry to hear you say that, my Mom just had a lump removed two weeks ago." I felt like a jerk!!!! I apologized several times for my flippant words and I learned the importance once again of controlling this wild tongue.

I was visiting blogs and ran across this Click to Give Free Mammograms. They sell pink ribbon stuff there too, I thought these "organic" socks were cute. All sales and clicks contribute to helping ladies who cannot afford mammograms to get them done for free! Please visit.

My husbands Mom, Jan, is a breast cancer survivor. I made her a pink pearls bracelet and necklace set to add to her "pink" collection. I wish I had a picture of her wearing them! I didn't take a picture before I mailed the set out to her in Florida.

For we all stumble in many things. If anyone does not stumble in word, he is a perfect man, able also to bridle the whole body. From James 3.


MammyT said...

Great post, Connie. Yes, and James has read my mail, too.

MammyT said...

(woops), I forgot. I answered your question about the polymer bottles right there on the comments to my post.Nancy

e-Mom said...

Good for you! (Cute socks!!!)

BTW, you've been tagged for a meme. But do it only if you have the time. :~D

Faith said...

Yeah, you! I love the socks!

The verse from James is often one I need to remind my self of!!

Constance said...

Good Morning BBF

I am scheduled for my annual "mashing" this month. I try and schedule it 6 months after my annual check up. I figure I get my physical exam at the annual and if she doesn't suspect anything I'm good. By having my mammogram 6 months later I feel like I'm not going as long in between, something can be caught sooner rather than later.

My MIL was a breast cancer survivor. Right after she died (from a different type of cancer) the women in our family wanted to do the 3 Day Race For The Cure in her honor/memory. We were disappointed to find out that the Susan G Kohlmen Foundation funds Planned Parenthood. They say it's for getting mammograms to the financially unable but I decided I didn't want to risk that somehow those monies were somehow being channelled to things I don't support.

Have a great weekend!

Anderburf said...

I love the Fund Free Mammograms site and go to it daily. It is such an easy way to give back!

I just found a site I really love that has created a pendant to help support breast cancer awareness. The company is All Wired Up Jewelry and the Swarovski pendant can be found on their site at