Thursday, April 03, 2008

Embarrassing Things

I was just watching Regis and Kelli Show (Joy is filling in for Kelli today) and they were talking about colleges that not only are co-ed in the dorms, now they are co-ed in the ROOMS!

Ew, that sounds potentially embarrassing. This coming from someone that won't even walk around in a nightgown in front of my grown kids, even if it is flannel! ha

I can't imagine sleeping in a room with a stranger of the opposite sex. Oh my word. See, this all must be part of what my husband says, "the law of diminishing returns." It was a shock to have guys and gals in the same dorm, now that is nothing... lets see what else we can do now. It's never better, it's always worse when dealing with the law of diminishing returns.

One night I was asleep in bed when the ground began to shake. I woke up. Okay, I thought, an earthquake - soon it will be over. It continued to slowly sway the room. I sat up in my bed, now I could hear things slightly rattling. So I hung my legs out of the bed and waited. Still going. Well, should I get to a safer place, downstairs? (I already have ridden out a big quake - 1964.) I began feeling around in the dark looking for my robe. My youngest son was still living at home, and was across the hall sleeping. I would not go out of my room without my robe, even if there was an earthquake! I continued to walk around searching for my robe, faster and faster. When I felt it, I began putting it on and hurried to the door, half-way down the stairs I stopped,. I listened. I thought to myself, it must be over, then I heard my son, who was still in bed ask, "Mom? are you okay?"

No, I would not like to be going to school with the added discomfort of the opposite sex sharing a room with me! The things that could possibly go on in a situation like that sound too much like a nightmare to me!


MammyT said...

I like your new photo. WHo is the cutie with you? I hate that feeling you described of waking up and waiting to see how bad it's going to get. It is such a helpless feeling. Here in Ohio the wind is the enemy. We have huge sirens and loud speakers everywhere that give a warning if a tornado has been sited anywhere. Even when the conditions are favorable for the possibility of a tornado, you get constant updates. Earthquakes just ARE. It's pretty maddening.

Jettie said...

Iso agree with you!!!!!!!!!!Kids aren't afraid anymore!! nothing really shocks them!! I have never been in an earthquake how awful..been in tornados!
And you too are sweet iam glad you liked them!!!!!!!!!!!!

Faith said...

Oh my...this is the first I have heard of co-ed rooms! Now it makes me even more determined to try to persuade my daughters to choose a Christian college....

e-Mom said...

I don't get it. What ARE they thinking?

I'm so glad our kids lived at home during their college years. (Well, except for our son, who lives in an all-male "dry" fraternity.)

Have a wonderful weekend. (I love your new photo--what a sweet baby!)


elizabeth embracing life said...

I can't imagine showing up with your new bunk mate being a boy/girl. It's enough of a shock for my kids to even be sharing a room with a stranger. What next....?

MammyT said...

Anyway, about the co-ed dorm rooms. I'm sorry I have nothing to say, except "yuck". My grandson was at University of Cincinnati and they were able to choose co-ed or not. At least there was an option. Where will it end?!

mrsjojo said...

I'm with you Connie on searching for the robe - even if no body else is in the house. :)
I'm thinking that the colleges will soon have to make room for all the babies that will be arriving as the results of living conditions like co-ed rooms. What a sad state of affairs.

I read your post on praying without ceasing and really like what Andrew had to say! We need more people with that conviction.