Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Chonda Pierce!

I've never heard of Chonda, as I listened to her I cried then thought of my Mom and sisters.

I want to dedicate these videos and Chonda's words especially to my Mom, my sisters, Millie, Kotya, Ruth, Rebecca and Rachel, my daughters, Marie, Karla, Kim, and every woman who struggles with FEELINGS of inferiority, worthlessness. Each one is beautiful in God's eyes, and our heavenly Father loves us so much -- just as Chonda has shared so well in these videos.

As you listen to her, may God mend your hearts - from hurts so deep inside, hurts that we never talk about. Please listen to Chonda Pierce and may God bless you now.

Thank you Chonda.


MammyT said...

Connie Marie, I thought I'd read some posts from friends while I was sewing by hand. (Working on your prize, actually)
I am so glad I came over here tonight. Ron and I lost our 21-year-old daughter just the same way. It was so good to hear this sensitive and godly woman express her heart, so very much like mine. And at this present time when, because of our obedience to God, we have been rejected by one who should be shepherding us, it was so assuring to remember that God is also nothing like our pastors. I'm encouraged and I thank you for sharing this on your blog.

Faith said...

I love and admire Chonda Pierce...she is a true woman of God!!!

Connie Marie said...

Nancy, she is very encouraging isn't she? I am glad that you were uplifted from listening to her speak. I was too. I was not aware that you lost one of your children. That is good to know. Thanks for sharing that and thanks for including me in your evening. I am excited about seeing what it is you are working on!