Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Speak The Word Lord

Listening to music on my computer and the Hinson's are singing "Speak The Word Lord" ears long to hear you, speak the word Lord my heart aches to know.

So, yesterday I was in the Pond Cafe and reading my Bible. Our pastors at WBC are have been teaching from the Gospel of Mark. So I thought I should read there as I waited for lunch. Mark 13, signs of the end times which our pastor Larry spoke on.

"Watch that no one deceives you. Many will come in my name, claiming, "I am he," and will deceive many. When you hear of wars and rumors of wars, do not be alarmed. Such things must happen, but the end is still to come. Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be earthquakes in various places, and famines. These are the beginning of birth pains. You must be on your guard." Mark 13:5-9.
I continued to read that chapter and read on about
"When you see the abomination that causes desolation standing where it does not belong - let the reader understand - then let those who are in Judea flee to the mountains." Mark 13:14.
I followed the note here to Daniel 9:27.

I decided to read about this online and this morning found a new blog, House of Chosun. He has a sorrow for the Christian's persecuted in North Korea today, but he also speaks of prophesies which I found interesting.

This morning I also woke up still wondering about the abomination which will "be standing where it does not belong." I must have been dreaming but with sleepy eyes I asked Doug, "Could this abomination be the Ark of the Covenant? And don't the Jews want to restore the temple and sacrificial worship?"

That was the half-awake and half-asleep world of Connie Marie early this morning. My sleepy world many times does not make sense, but I do know that Jesus Christ became the final sacrifice for sin and any further sacrifices offered to pay for our sins is only an abomination to God the Father.

"Finally, there is laid up for me the crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous Judge, will give to me on that Day, and not to me only but also to all who have loved His appearing." Apostle Paul (II Timothy 4:8)

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Alyeska Resort

I am not at home, I am at Alyeska Resort today. Doug is attending the Team Alaska Operations Conference 2008. He goes to class and I am enjoying the luxury of this resort. I have at my beck and call, spas, pools, room service, a scenic tram, shops, bicycle path to Girdwood, spring outdoors, movies on t.v., and here I am blogging from Alyeska's complimentary internet connection. I love blogging from the hotel, at the foot of a beautiful, snowy mountain.

We stopped several places on the Seward Highway and saw sheep. What a beautiful ride with scenic wonders the whole way down.


I was waiting for my camera batteries to fully charge up and I left my camera back home, boo hoo hoo!

Alyeska Resort Lower Mountain Webcam.

We will get back home on thursday.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

It's A Cold World

I went shopping with Marie and Alexis and we stopped by Annabel's Books in Wasilla. I found several new books and one of them was by Dr. James Dobson, Coming Home, Timeless Wisdom For Families. It was printed in 1998, so the story I am sharing is ten years out of date, but I've never heard it before. "Fresh Graves." Read what James Dobson wrote.

I've recently become aware of an outrageous and tragic situation occurring in Brazil and other Latin American countries. It concerns the plight of unwanted street children who are suffering unthinkable abuse.

It's been estimated that in Brazil alone, between 6 and 10 million kids live on the streets with no adult supervision. They have no families and no means of support, so they form lawless packs, begging and stealing for food during the day, then huddling together for warmth at night. Prostitution, crime, and disease are their way of life. Some of them actually live in sewers like rats. Roughly two-thirds of the young girls either commit suicide or are murdered before their eighteenth birthday.

The police look on these children as vermin to be exterminated. Unbelievably, they shoot them to clean up the city. A recent news story revealed that approximately three children per day are hunted down and killed on the streets of Rio De Janeiro. A few years ago when the Earth Summit was held in that city, large numbers of homeless children were rounded up and murdered before the dignitaries arrived. CNN televised row upon row of fresh little graves, where the children were buried.

I wonder sometimes if the world is any more civilized now than it was sixty years ago when the Nazis began gassing their victims. It's time for us to speak out against this brutality and to support humanitarian organizations that can help.

How can we do less?

Read more from Google.

Please pray for our exploited children in this world today, and may God help us to know how to help them. When reading about all that goes on in this cold world it can be overwhelming. I did a search for Christian organizations that help homeless children and there are many. If you are led to help please do a search, and study how much goes towards the actual child care, then contribute to organizations you trust will help and support our homeless world today.

Here are some links to sites that help the homeless. I have not read how much of their contributions go towards this ministry, but you can! We should be aware of what our money is actually doing when we send contributions. Most charities are helpful when we ask questions.

Homeless Children International
World Vision
Stand Up For Kids

Friday we had snow falling all day! Anchorage has more snow than we do (twelve to twenty inches to our five to six inches). Even if it's pretty, it's not welcome by most when it's supposed to be spring already!

The swans are flying over looking for places to rest; the cranes are landing in the the snowy fields; the chickadees are back looking for more seeds; and the bird houses look closed up for winter today! This late snow might be causing some home-finding troubles for our visiting birds.

Wise words from the wisest man:
"When the righteous rejoice, there is great glory; but when the wicked arise, men hide themselves." Proverbs 28:12
"He who gives to the poor will not lack, but he who hides his eyes will have many curses.
When the wicked arise, men hide themselves; but when they perish, the righteous increase."
Proverbs 28:27,28

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Welcome to Alaska's Own Baby - Trig Paxson Van Palin!

Shortly after Karla found out she was pregnant with Raegan Mae her doctor had told her she might be carrying a baby with Down Syndrome. At first she was (and we all were) sad. Before finding out that Raegan had the normal amount of chromosomes we were happy for the new little one that would soon be in our family. It was the same for our Governor Sarah Palin.

"When we first heard, it was kind of confusing," Palin, 44, said. She called the revelation "very, very challenging" and said she initially felt sad.

I am so impressed with our Governor! She had her baby on Friday, April 18th and was back at work in three days! She is beautiful and has a beautiful heart. I loved the part of a note which was shared in the news article:

In a letter she e-mailed to relatives and close friends Friday after giving birth, Palin wrote, "Many people will express sympathy, but you don't want or need that, because Trig will be a joy. You will have to trust me on this." She wrote it in the voice of and signed it as "Trig's Creator, Your Heavenly Father." Read more at ADN.COM

And what did the Daddy of five have to say about Trig coming home to Alaska to be born?

"You can't have a fish picker from Texas."

Trig is a Norse word meaning "true" and "brave victory." The name is in honor of his great uncle, a Bristol Bay fisherman, while the name Paxson comes from the well-known snowmobiling area in Alaska, which Sarah and husband Todd Palin love. Celebrity Baby Blog

Congratulations Governor Sarah and Todd Palin, may God continue to shower His blessings on your whole family.

Visit KTUU.COM to see a picture of Trig.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Earth Day

So I woke up this morning and read Our Daily Bread.
"You don't have to tour Ressurection Bay in Alaska to appreciate the natural marvels of our earth, but it helps."
The reading was from Psalm 148 (read the whole chapter).

Praise the Lord from the heavens;
Praise Him in the heights!
Praise Him, all His angels;
Praise Him, all His hosts!
Praise Him, sun and moon;
Praise Him, all you stars of light!
Praise Him, you heavens of heavens,
and waters above the heavens!

Let them praise the name of the Lord,
For He commanded and they were created.
He also established them forever and ever;
He made a decree which shall not pass away.

So it's good to take care of our Earth and keep it looking good, and protect the ecosystems to make sure all those little critters and plant life, and waters, can continue to praise the Lord!

I loved the devotion this morning and since it mentioned Alaska, I thought I would share it with you.

Praying that God will establish His Kingdom on earth. (Our Father which art in Heaven, hallowed be thine name, THY KINGDOM COME... Thy will be done, on earth, as it is in Heaven.) It will be so beautiful, and it will be perfect, because all this trouble we have now will be fixed. Mankind just has troubles that don't quit... without God, what is our hope?

Sunday, April 20, 2008

No Cigar!

This picture was found at the Tongass National Forest site.

I was just remembering when I was a small girl and we got to go seagull egg hunting. Early spring, that's when it would be. "Before the seagulls grow in the eggs."

Who said we should see who got the biggest egg? Probably Mom. Sometimes she would add to the fun by making a competitive game out of it all. We were on Sheep Island and the sea gulls were flying overhead ---very noisily.

We each walked off looking through the grass.

How old was I? I don't know! Maybe seven or eight?

As you can imagine, this was really fun for kids! It was like the Easter egg hunts that we have for our grandchildren, only the seagulls put the eggs out there to find.

Soon I spied the biggest egg I had ever seen! EVER!

The problem, it was out on a bit of a point with steep sides, and the nest was right at the end. I am so afraid of heights but I had never seen such a big egg! I considered the sides and the narrow patch of grass to navigate along on the top. I decided that I could do it.

So I inched my way out keeping my eyes on the egg. Closer and closer!

When I got out there, I bent over, picked up the egg, turned around carefully and inched my way back. I smiled hopefully and I was excited! I knew Mom would say this egg was the biggest one.

As I began to hurry back to the skiff and Mom and Dad, I heard a pitiful crying and turned around.

The parent seagull had landed and she was standing beside her nest and crying... crying for her baby, I thought.

I stood there with the warm egg in both of my hands, looking at her. She kept crying loudly. Oh my, shall I put her baby back? I considered for a minute or so.

No, I ran away with the egg!

Breathlessly I showed it to Mom. She looked, she compared it to the other eggs. If I remember right, it was pretty darn close, but no cigar! I ran off to hunt again.

Fun times!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Show and Tell Fridays - My Basket

Show and Tell
I was reminded that it's show and tell time again while I was visiting a friends blog this evening! Click on this image to visit Kelli - she hosts it.

I want to share the first ever basket that I just completed last week-end. I took a class with my daughters and we all made these baskets. It is a design by Jill Choate of Jill Choate Basketry here in Alaska. I really enjoyed the time with my daughters, the time with the other ladies weaving and now I am enjoying it in my home!

The antler is deer. It stands about 18 inches tall. Even though my fingers were so sore after the first day of working on it, I am still eager to try making another one.

Thanks for stopping by!

Karla Is Blogging!

Our Twin B, the name the nurses gave to her and she had for a few days after being born, because we had only decided on one boys name (Travis John) and one girls name (Karolyn Marie) for our twins. I found out I was having twins when I was eight months pregnant with my first pregnancy! By X-ray! Things have come a long way in the OB world since I was lumbering along with those two!

Anyway, check out my daughter Karla's blog. She has three handsome boys and one cutest, little, sweet, every thing's pink, girl tagging along at the end of the line.

Visit Karla.

I was trying to change my blog look today - only got this far - a background, and I don't know that I like it so far.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Little Birds

I've been reading the book Winter World by Bernd Heinrich. For years I've watched little chickadees and common red polls come to the bird feeder during freezing weather. I've wondered how little birds can survive the cold winters without fur boots and fur parka's. I've learned much from this guy that spent a lot of time outdoors in the woods watching animals, birds and bugs.

While we lived in Wasilla we had trouble with carpenter ants. Doug waged a war with them - they always came back - it seemed hopeless! He sprayed repeatedly. They would clean up their dead and be back again. He followed them outside the house and found a huge colony in an underground log. When he got rid of that log he got rid of the ants. (We found their ant cemetery in a pocket of insulation in the wall!)

In his book, Bernd wrote of his own struggle with carpenter ants and was going to call in an exterminator until he noticed that "a huge phalanx of red ants came in, waged war, and within one week heaps of still-wiggling dismembered carpenter ants and carpenter ant parts were strewn inside and outside the cabin. The raiders totally eradicated the carpenter ant colony, and then went back to their huge nest in the nearby field."

That's like fighting fire with fire! One can fight ants with ants! Although, I don't know if we have red ants in Alaska, that would be better than using insecticides - for the sake of our little birds. I've seen new ants in the yard the last few summers - they look like red ants, well - they are red.

From Minnesota:

Black-capped chickadees live throughout Minnesota in all seasons. In mid-May a pair starts excavating a nest hole in a tree in a forest or open space such as a back yard. Because of their tiny beaks, chickadees search for well-rotted wood, often in birch trees or pine stumps. Both parents quietly chip away or pull out the soft, dead wood to create a cavity 4 to 10 feet off the ground. They carry away most of the wood chips to fool predators looking for a nest to raid. To keep out larger birds, the little chickadees make their entrance hole only about the size of a quarter. They work seven to 10 days to make a cavity and spend another four days building a cuplike nest of moss, plant down, hair, feathers, and spider webs. The female lays and incubates six to eight speckled eggs. When the chicks emerge in about 12 days, both parents handle feeding chores. Young leave the cavity after about 16 days, but they follow their parents around, begging for food for another three or four weeks. YOUNG NATURALISTS

While basket weaving with Marie and Calli, Marie told about reading an article about chickadees with their normally tiny beaks growing long and out of control. I was bothered to hear that, it really troubles me. Since this was the first I've heard about it, I thought it was a new disease but bird-watchers have been -- watching --- this problem for a while and without a clue yet as to why. (I have been feeding chickadees for many years and have not observed this problem yet.)

I suspected insecticides. These little birds will use spider webs (which could be sprayed with insecticide) for their nests; and with the beetle bark war whole areas have been sprayed in an effort to get rid off these forest-killing beetles. Another possibility mentioned is bird seed, that possibly the seed was contaminated some where along the way. This trouble is concentrated in Northwestern USA and Alaska, specifically mentioned to be seen in South central Alaska where I live and Fairbanks - people feed birds everywhere. Another suspect is fire retardant. It was used in this area in 1986; Fairbanks area has big fires where this fire retardant is used most every summer. This idea makes sense to me since chickadees use rotted trees for nesting, woodpeckers bang on dead trees for grubs. Also mentioned are PCB's and DDE's

Researchers tested chickadees last year [1999] and found signs of PCBs-an industrial waste product from electronics manufacturing-in all birds, regardless of whether their beaks were deformed. The testers found very low concentrations of DDE, a byproduct of the pesticide DDT, in all of the affected birds. ALASKA SCIENCE FORUM

The bug and animal world's health troubles will soon move up into our people world. My haphazard use of chemicals to keep my environments comfortable is not a good thing. If it's going to trouble the animal kingdom it will surely begin to show up in my body too.

Marie told about another troubling story, a baby born with two faces.: Baby Girl Born With Two Faces Worshipped As Reincarnated God - FOX NEWS and Baby doing well month after birth. DAILY MAIL.

After reading about this baby I wondered what India's major industries were, then read about what they are doing about environmental protections along with their rapidly growing industries. Way too much pollution!

According to another study, while India's gross domestic product has increased 2.5 times over the past two decades, vehicular pollution has increased eight times, while pollution from industries has quadrupled. Corrosion In India.

I've sprayed around my house outdoors to keep spider populations down, but plan to employ fly swatters, magazines, books, good spider stomping shoes, my husband, my sons, my grandchildren - whatever or whoever is excellent at getting rid of spiders - this coming summer ----instead of insecticides. At least out on the decks where the little birds come to eat. Why? Because their troubles seem to 'come home to roost' ---eventually.

Monday, April 14, 2008

I Got It!

I had a package notification from the post office and I knew it had to be from Nancy. Today after my daughter and my grandchildren went home, I hurried off to the post office.

These cute fabric, hand-sewn, berries were just waiting to be picked...

Nancy surprised me when she gifted them to me after I figured out that her blog was an April Fool's post. Thank you Nancy!

I've decided to give them to the crocheted bear my sister Kotya made for me (You can make it!, tell my niece I sent you.).

My bear lives in the gathering basket that I purchased from Alaska's own singer - Hilma Shavings. My basket is a miniature version. According to Hilma's son, the larger version of these baskets were used on Nunivak Island while out gathering food/fish/etc.

Thanks for your friendship Nancy!

Just Like A Dream

What a weekend. In a nutshell:
Encountered a man suffering from a major case of Road Rage - he stalks us - we drive to the State Troopers to get rid of him.
Mammography - (I was told that everything looks good).
Hauled wood for woodstove with Doug.
Trying to photograph ducks - I unexpectedly fell through the ice - I owe my life to my hero - Doug!
Great sermon at church today - what to expect before the return of Christ.
My nephew came to visit - my kids come over to make him feel welcome (due to circumstances out-of-control, we didn't get to be with him or his brother as they grew up.
Kris and Kim cooked chicken and ribs on the BBQ.
Marie finished her basket.
Calli finished her basket.
I finished my basket!
I guess it was a very good weekend, even with the mad man and my frightening and freezing cold brush with death!

Here are the results from the quiz I took from e-Mom.

You Are a Colon
You are very orderly and fact driven.
You aren't concerned much with theories or dreams... only what's true or untrue.

You are brilliant and incredibly learned. Anything you know is well researched.
You like to make lists and sort through things step by step. You aren't subject to whim or emotions.

Your friends see you as a constant source of knowledge and advice.
(But they are a little sick of you being right all of the time!)

You excel in: Leadership positions

You get along best with: The Semi-Colon

Thursday, April 10, 2008

It Was PAST That Time

In order to continue my high blood pressure medications my care giver asked that I come in for a medical exam. So I scheduled a clinical visit, including blood work and a breast exam. Everything looks good!

As I was leaving she asked when my last mammogram was taken. I stopped. Oh! I have no idea how long ago that I was in the horrid machine. At that time I thought I should never like to do that again! As I stood there, clamped down and getting radiated, I had prayed that I would not be forgotten if we should have an earthquake!

"I believe - I was ---40 when I had my first and only mammogram!" I said. Plainly I could see that she was disappointed in my long-time neglect. Tomorrow I will be having my second mammogram (thirteen years later).

I am not a firm believer in yearly mammograms, believing the exposure to radiation to be worse than neglecting these tests to at least ten years apart. I callously told her, "If I get a lump, I will hurry in and have it removed." She was saddened and said, "Oh that just about makes me wanna cry to hear you say that, my Mom just had a lump removed two weeks ago." I felt like a jerk!!!! I apologized several times for my flippant words and I learned the importance once again of controlling this wild tongue.

I was visiting blogs and ran across this Click to Give Free Mammograms. They sell pink ribbon stuff there too, I thought these "organic" socks were cute. All sales and clicks contribute to helping ladies who cannot afford mammograms to get them done for free! Please visit.

My husbands Mom, Jan, is a breast cancer survivor. I made her a pink pearls bracelet and necklace set to add to her "pink" collection. I wish I had a picture of her wearing them! I didn't take a picture before I mailed the set out to her in Florida.

For we all stumble in many things. If anyone does not stumble in word, he is a perfect man, able also to bridle the whole body. From James 3.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Sharing My Basket

Well here are some pictures from our basket weaving day. I have been so busy with another website and blog that my own posting has been put off. I was prodded to post these pictures by Nancy and eMom, I was too busy to participate in Marriage Monday this time, oops!

I asked my daughter Karla of Karla Delong Weddings (wedding coordinator and party planner), where this class was held at Northland Inn, a very hospitable environment! It is open year around and the coffee and cookies were so delicious. Karla has been doing weddings and desires to do more business party planning too, she is very good at her work and she KNOWS a lot about her work, including places and people to contact for planning events that please both people and budgets.

Jill Choate's guidance was easy and she was constantly watchful for anyone having any trouble. I thoroughly enjoyed her class. Her home-schooled daughter also shared a talent of her own - Fire Poi!

Tomorrow evening we plan to get together to finish these baskets. I will take more pictures and maybe will try to be better at sharing the actual basket work!

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Tired Fingers

Today I worked on my first basket ever! I worked on it, I didn't finish it. It was actually quite a large project for a first time effort. Hard work, but so much fun! I now appreciate the hard work of basket weavers!

My fingers are extremely sore. Since I could not sit and work on the basket, I stood all day, now my legs hurt! We had a beautiful ride to Trappers Creek, in spring snow. I need to get the name of the Bed and Breakfast that the class was held at because I want to give credit to the lady that brought coffee and her cookies were incredibly good!

Jill Choate is a very good instructor and she made certain that we all were past a certain point before she ended her class and went home for the day. The remaining work we (Marie, Karla, Calli and myself) plan to do soon. I want to finish it.

My basket is not turning out exactly like Jill's, but it has me in it. I could see that in the rest of the basket weavers work too. Marie was the speediest weaver of the day, and this was her first basket too. One of the ladies said, "Well - she just must not have any friends to talk to!" (She did, but we don't talk much either, ha!)

I have pictures and will share those soon, I don't have the strength to get back downstairs and climb back up again. I am up here for the night, and will soon be cutting some zzzz's too!

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Embarrassing Things

I was just watching Regis and Kelli Show (Joy is filling in for Kelli today) and they were talking about colleges that not only are co-ed in the dorms, now they are co-ed in the ROOMS!

Ew, that sounds potentially embarrassing. This coming from someone that won't even walk around in a nightgown in front of my grown kids, even if it is flannel! ha

I can't imagine sleeping in a room with a stranger of the opposite sex. Oh my word. See, this all must be part of what my husband says, "the law of diminishing returns." It was a shock to have guys and gals in the same dorm, now that is nothing... lets see what else we can do now. It's never better, it's always worse when dealing with the law of diminishing returns.

One night I was asleep in bed when the ground began to shake. I woke up. Okay, I thought, an earthquake - soon it will be over. It continued to slowly sway the room. I sat up in my bed, now I could hear things slightly rattling. So I hung my legs out of the bed and waited. Still going. Well, should I get to a safer place, downstairs? (I already have ridden out a big quake - 1964.) I began feeling around in the dark looking for my robe. My youngest son was still living at home, and was across the hall sleeping. I would not go out of my room without my robe, even if there was an earthquake! I continued to walk around searching for my robe, faster and faster. When I felt it, I began putting it on and hurried to the door, half-way down the stairs I stopped,. I listened. I thought to myself, it must be over, then I heard my son, who was still in bed ask, "Mom? are you okay?"

No, I would not like to be going to school with the added discomfort of the opposite sex sharing a room with me! The things that could possibly go on in a situation like that sound too much like a nightmare to me!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Praying Without Ceasing

Pictures are of my sisters in Seattle (up in the Space Needle), when we flew down there to see Millie shortly after the massive aneurysm. Back then, she had so many connections. Now she only has a food connection! Everyday, we pray for her and she improves. Keep on praying.

Here are some of my thoughts which grew out of "A 31-Day Guide to Prayer" study book written by Andrew Murray.

Pray like I breath,
Pray like I eat,
---without ceasing.

When I rest - I still breathe.
When I run - I breathe even harder.
If I don't breathe -
I will fall down.
Resting or running I must breathe,
...without completely ceasing.

If I stop eating - I will lose strength. If I never eat - my body changes and will be malnourished, even sick. If food is totally gone, I will die. I must eat without completely ceasing.

On the other hand, if I hyperventilate or if I overeat --- new problems will appear.

Pray without ceasing - but go into your closet.

Praying without ceasing ----to God alone.

"Pray without ceasing. Who can do this? How can one do it who is surrounded by the cares of daily life? How can a mother love her child without ceasing? How can the eyelid without ceasing hold itself ready to protect the eye? How can I breathe and feel and hear without ceasing? Because all these are the functions of a healthy, natural life. And so, if the spiritual life be healthy, under the full power of the Holy Spirit, praying without ceasing will be natural." Andrew Murray.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Chonda Pierce!

I've never heard of Chonda, as I listened to her I cried then thought of my Mom and sisters.

I want to dedicate these videos and Chonda's words especially to my Mom, my sisters, Millie, Kotya, Ruth, Rebecca and Rachel, my daughters, Marie, Karla, Kim, and every woman who struggles with FEELINGS of inferiority, worthlessness. Each one is beautiful in God's eyes, and our heavenly Father loves us so much -- just as Chonda has shared so well in these videos.

As you listen to her, may God mend your hearts - from hurts so deep inside, hurts that we never talk about. Please listen to Chonda Pierce and may God bless you now.

Thank you Chonda.