Sunday, February 10, 2008


At first we saw on the Iron Dog site that Team 23 scratched. I am guessing this was a mistake because now Team 23 appears to be in 13th place and on the trail to McGrath. So they are okay!

Team 21 is having mechanical problems and are waiting in Rohn for parts. Oh no.

Right now leading the race with the shortest travel times are teams 16, 8, 14, and 22. They have declared a lay-over in McGrath.

I am bummed about team 21. I hope they can get parts in time to get back on the trail.

Team 42, the Wounded Warrior Project team that had their sled stolen were able to get another sled and back into the race before the start. I see that they have scratched and are spending the night in Skwentna. Not sure why and I'm sorry to hear that.

He and Hastings are racing the Iron Dog to raise money for the Wounded Warrior Project, a nonprofit based in Florida that helps severely injured war veterans transition back to civilian life. ADN.COM

This race is so much faster than the Iditarod Sled Dog Race which is coming up really soon too! After that... I know that spring is just right around the corner! Yippeeee!



Connie Marie, that is so exciting to hear about the races. I have never known anyone before who actually knew about them personally. I know that must be very exciting to watch. I hope all your teams win. connie from Texas

yayoo!!! Soon Spring will be here. It gets warmer each day now I am looking very hard for the first buds on the trees. I love Spring. connie from Texas

TJ said...

I have never followed the Iditarod races. Although I think of them often when walking my Alaskan Malamute. He would so love to pull a sled! He pulls me all over the neighborhood.

Karla said...

What an interesting thing to be involved in!

Jettie said...

Someone stole their sled? I had to go back and re awful!! I'd love to be there and see it in person!! How fun!!
Our Siberian Husky would so go for that!!