Sunday, February 10, 2008

Right Now Team 21 is in 4th!

Team 21 was the 11th team out of Big Lake and right now they are only two minutes ahead of the winning team # 22 and in 4th place! I am excited for them. Their on the trail to Puntilla now.

Team 23 seems to be showing signs of troubles, and that is too sad! One place says that one of them Scratched, darn. No way to tell if that is true or a mistake by the webbuilder right now.

You can watch the team Stats on Tesoro Iron Dog's site. Pro Class Race Statistics. Can't dilly dally around with this race, it's gonna be over in hardly any time at all! Check in often and enjoy!

It was so cold at the start but Doug should have video of some of the sideline fun soon, I hope.

Right now we are getting a bite to eat, we been being bited by Jack Frost all morning, afternoon! Fun times.

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Jettie said...

oohh would so love a video of some of it!!